Michael Mosley Missing Greece, Read All Facts Here

Dr. Michael Mosley, a renowned British TV presenter and medical professional, is currently missing on the Greek island of Symi. Known for his work on popular television programs such as “This Morning” and “The One Show,” Dr. Mosley has also hosted the BBC health podcast “Just One Thing.” His sudden disappearance has sparked widespread concern and prompted an intensive search effort.

Search Efforts

An appeal posted in a Facebook group dedicated to Symi Island described the ongoing search and rescue operation. The post revealed that a team from Athens, equipped with drones and other advanced equipment, is set to extend the search. They are expected to arrive around 1 p.m. The appeal, alongside an image of Dr. Mosley, read: “Have you seen this man? He set off to walk back from St Nick’s at about 13.30 and failed to make it home. His friends are concerned as it is six hours since they last saw him. His name is Dr. Mike Mosley and he is a familiar face for many British people.”

Family Concern

Dr. Mosley’s disappearance has deeply worried his family. He has three children with his wife, Clare Bailey Mosley, who is also a doctor, author, and health columnist. The family’s anxiety is heightened by the fact that Dr. Mosley is well-known for his meticulous nature, particularly when it comes to his health and well-being.

Career Highlights

Dr. Mosley has made significant contributions to health and wellness media. He has produced numerous documentaries on diet and exercise, significantly influencing public perceptions and practices. One of his most notable contributions is the popularization of the 5:2 diet, which involves fasting for two days per week. More recently, he has been a strong advocate for intermittent fasting through The Fast 800 diet.

Notable Documentaries

Dr. Mosley’s work extends beyond diet and exercise. He presented the Channel 4 show “Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat?” and was a key figure in the BBC series “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor.” In a particularly memorable documentary, “Infested! Living With Parasites,” Dr. Mosley lived with tapeworms in his guts for six weeks to explore the effects of parasites on human health.

Emmy Nomination

His contributions to science and health documentaries have not gone unrecognized. Dr. Mosley received an Emmy nomination for the BBC science documentary “The Human Face,” presented by John Cleese. This documentary featured a range of notable personalities, including Elizabeth Hurley, Pierce Brosnan, and David Attenborough, and explored the complexities and nuances of the human face.

Official Statement

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office stated: “We are supporting the family of a British man who is missing in Greece and are in contact with the local authorities.” The involvement of the Foreign Office underscores the seriousness of the situation and the efforts being made to locate Dr. Mosley.

Public Reaction

The public reaction to Dr. Mosley’s disappearance has been one of shock and concern. As a respected figure in health media, his absence is keenly felt. Social media platforms are filled with messages of hope and support from fans and colleagues alike, all praying for his safe return.

Ongoing Investigation

Local authorities in Greece, along with the search and rescue team from Athens, are continuing their efforts to find Dr. Mosley. The use of drones and other sophisticated equipment is expected to enhance the search operation. Friends, family, and fans remain hopeful as they await further news.


The disappearance of Dr. Michael Mosley is a deeply troubling event that has captured the attention of people worldwide. Known for his dedication to health and wellness, his contributions have had a lasting impact on many lives. As the search continues, the hope for his safe return remains strong. The coming hours and days will be crucial in determining the outcome of this worrying situation.

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