Meyer Habib Twitter, A Polarizing Figure in French Politics

On May 28, 2024, a heated exchange took place in the French National Assembly, capturing significant media attention. The altercation involved David Guiraud, a deputy from La France Insoumise (LFI), and Meyer Habib, a deputy for French people abroad representing Les Républicains (LR). This incident is the latest in a series of controversies surrounding Meyer Habib, a figure known for his fervent support of Israel and his contentious political style.

A Representative with a Unique Constituency

Meyer Habib serves as the deputy for the 8th constituency of French people abroad, which encompasses Israel, the Palestinian territories, and several other countries including Italy, Malta, and Greece. His role places him at the intersection of complex geopolitical issues, and his outspoken stance on Israel has garnered both support and criticism. Habib’s electorate in Israel has increasingly leaned to the right, aligning with his strong pro-Israel rhetoric.

Controversial Election History

Habib has held his position since 2013, but his political journey has been marred by controversies. In 2022, the Constitutional Council invalidated his re-election due to “irregularities and maneuvers likely to alter the sincerity of the vote.” These irregularities included campaigning on voting day and proposing electronic voting on behalf of certain voters. Despite this setback, Habib regained his seat in a subsequent election held in April 2023.

A Staunch Advocate for Israel

Meyer Habib’s unwavering support for Israel is a defining feature of his political career. He has made statements denying Israeli colonization, asserting that Jews cannot be settlers in Jerusalem or the West Bank. His dual French-Israeli nationality and education in Haifa reinforce his deep connections to Israel. Habib’s speeches frequently reference Israel, a point of contention among his peers, with some perceiving him as a lobbyist for Israeli defense and security industries.

Close Ties with Netanyahu

Habib’s relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is well-documented. He has leveraged this connection to bolster his political influence, often receiving support from Netanyahu and traditionalist rabbis. This relationship underscores Habib’s dual loyalty, which he likens to choosing between his parents—an analogy reflecting his deep emotional and cultural ties to both France and Israel.

Leading the Sarah Halimi Commission

The tragic murder of Sarah Halimi, a young Jewish woman, in 2017 led to significant public outcry. The alleged murderer’s criminal irresponsibility due to mental health issues sparked controversy. In response, Habib spearheaded a parliamentary commission to investigate possible investigative dysfunctions. Despite internal tensions and a final report absolving the investigation of malfunctions, Habib voted against it, highlighting his commitment to seeking justice for Halimi.

Fighting Anti-Semitism

Habib’s dedication to combating anti-Semitism is evident from his long-standing involvement with organizations like the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif) and the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra). He also serves as vice-president of the National Assembly’s study group on anti-Semitism, reinforcing his commitment to this cause.

Notable Incidents and Outbursts

Habib is no stranger to controversy. In 2020, he faced backlash for calling colleagues derogatory names during a protest against pension reform. More recently, a video surfaced where he referred to the Gazan population as a “cancer,” a statement that drew widespread condemnation. Habib’s inflammatory remarks during discussions about Israeli military actions in Gaza further fueled tensions, with some deputies accusing him of endorsing war crimes.

Legal Immunity and Parliamentary Privilege

Despite the controversies, Habib has largely evaded sanctions due to parliamentary immunity. Article 26 of the French Constitution protects deputies from legal repercussions for statements made in the Assembly. This immunity has shielded Habib from disciplinary action, even as his remarks continue to provoke strong reactions from his colleagues and the public.


Meyer Habib remains a polarizing figure in French politics. His fervent advocacy for Israel, combined with his contentious behavior, ensures that he remains at the center of political discourse. Whether viewed as a staunch defender of Israel or a disruptive force in the National Assembly, Habib’s influence and actions continue to shape the political landscape for French people abroad.

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