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Brittany McCusker, while married to writer and comedian Matt McCusker, has maintained an extremely private life despite Matt McCusker’s increasing public media profile. Brittany is an expert in forensics with the Philadelphia Police Department, a post she’s held since 2017. The path she has taken in law enforcement began with an intriguing previous role as a cheerleader with the Chicago Bulls basketball team. Information about Brittany’s life before law enforcement such as her educational background and family history, are in the shadows, which demonstrates her preference to keep her private.

What is Known About Matt McCusker?

Matt McCusker, born in 1986 in Havertown, Pennsylvania, has made a name for himself in the entertainment business as a writer, comedian and podcaster. He’s notably acclaimed for his part in productions like “Hamptons Comedy Allstars” (2016), “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast” (2018) as well as “Gilly and Keeves: The Special” (2022). Matt’s humorous style and insightful observations have gained his a large following on the internet and has attracted large audiences on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

What Is Matt Mccusker’ Net Worth?

Matt McCusker’s net worth sits at $400,000, which is primarily through his activities as a writer, comedian and media persona. The sources of his income include live performances, podcasting, and online content creation on diverse platforms, including YouTube which is where he has gained a large following. Despite the tiny amount of the net worth he has in the world of entertainment, Matt has successfully carved an area of his own in the field of comedy and online media.

How Did Brittany and Matt McCusker Meet?

Although the details regarding Brittany and Matt’s first meeting are not known however, it is believed that they started their relationship around the end of 2018. The couple married in the early part of 2019 and been blessed with a family since having their first child, a daughter, on the 3rd of March 2020. Matt has posted glimpses of his family’s on social media, and has also celebrated the birthdays of his daughter, which gives a glimpse into the life that comprise family members like the McCusker family.

What Impact Has Their Careers Had on Their Lives?

Brittany’s work in law enforcement specifically in a specific and challenging field such as forensics, shows a commitment to her public service. This contrasts with her more public-facing profession for her husband. The contrast between their professions highlights their unique harmony in their lives that combines public involvement with the desire to live the normal life of their family away from the media spotlight.


The McCuskers offer an interesting example of a modern couple who navigate the challenges of their private and public lives in the age of technology. Brittany McCusker’s decision to keep her personal information away from the spotlight and to support her husband’s public profile is a clear decision to keep a separate identity from the public image. While at the same time, Matt continues to engage with his fans with a respect for the privacy of his family, yet accepts the opportunities that his professional career provides. Together, they maintain the delicate balance between the public sphere and private life, while preserving their personal and family’s integrity in the process.

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