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Privacy in today’s digital era is of utmost concern to individuals and organizations alike. NBCUniversal’s Privacy Policy details how they handle personal data for targeted advertising purposes; while this article provides comprehensive instructions for residents in specific states who can manage their data preferences or opt-out options.

State-Specific Privacy Rights

NBCUniversal’s Privacy Policy offers residents of certain states the ability to opt-out from selling, sharing or processing of personal data such as their name, email address and device identifiers for targeted advertising purposes. If this applies to you, take note that its ‘Your Rights’ section contains this important option for opt-out purposes.

Opting Out of Targeted Ads

For residents in certain states, NBCUniversal provides an easy and clear method for opting out of the sale or sharing of personal data for targeted ads. Simply adjust the “Allow Sale of My Personal Info or Sharing/Processing for Targeted Ads” toggle in Manage Preferences – moving it left will turn off this processing for targeted ads, then clicking “Confirm My Choice” will confirm your selection to make this change effective immediately.

Steps for Opting Out

Toggle Adjustment: Navigating to the Manage Preferences section on NBCUniversal site or app and moving toggle left will also work as a way of opting out.
Click “Confirm My Choice” to save your preferences, noting that these changes are browser and device specific – repeat these steps on each browser and device you use to access NBCUniversal services, including clearing your cookies which could affect these settings.

Opt-Out Form for Personal Information

To provide more extensive opt-out options for you name and email address, NBCUniversal provides an Opt-Out Form which is necessary in order to fully opt out from targeted advertising activities using such information.

An Importance of Renewing Preferences

With cookies and device settings changing frequently, it’s essential that your preferences remain effective. Clearing cookies will reset them and require opting out again – this ensures your choices stay in effect and that personal information remains protected according to your preference settings.

Implications of Opting Out

Even after opting out, advertisements will still appear; however, they may become less relevant as they won’t be tailored based on your personal data or online activity across platforms; rather, they will use first-party information that NBCUniversal already possesses about you.

Cookie Management

Cookies play an integral part in NBCUniversal services, including security and fraud prevention measures as well as purchasing capabilities. While you can set your browser to block them, doing so may alter certain parts of the site – essential cookies must remain in order for the services to function optimally, so blocking them may result in less-than-ideal user experiences.

Geolocation Permissions

Mobile apps allow users to manage precise geolocation permissions through their device settings, giving you greater control of how NBCUniversal mobile apps use your location data – further protecting your privacy.

Continuous Privacy Management

In order to meet the privacy expectations you desire, NBCUniversal requires continuous management of its privacy settings across devices and browsers you use. Regular reviews and adjustments of settings across these devices or browsers is key in maintaining an adequate level of privacy.


NBCUniversal’s Privacy Policy offers a robust framework for you to control both your personal information and targeted advertising preferences. By understanding and taking advantage of all the tools and options available – particularly if you reside in one of the states listed under ‘Your Rights’ – you can take control of your data and privacy. Regularly renewing your choices across devices and browsers to maintain preferences will give you greater peace of mind when navigating digital privacy complexities with confidence and clarity.

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