Matt Barnes Wife, What Is Matt Barnes Known For?

Matt Barnes, a former NBA player, is acknowledged not just for his athletic abilities however also his notable role in reality TV. While initially gaining recognition on the court, with teams such as that of Los Angeles Clippers, Lakers as well as the New York Knicks during the years 2000 and 2010, Barnes expanded his audience reach by participating in reality television. His first appearance on television in the VH1 show Basketball Wives during which the couple he was with at the time, Gloria Govan became fan favorites.

How Has Matt’s Personal Life Influenced His Career?

Matt’s private life, and in particular his relationships his relationship with Gloria Govan, has been an important theme of his reality television story. The couple’s engagement and wedding were included throughout each of the Miami as well as Los Angeles seasons of Basketball Wives. Even though they divorced in 2015, amidst allegations of domestic conflict their drama with each other continued to play out in the spotlight, with the court battles regarding child custody and child support.

In a recent incident, Gloria has filed a lawsuit against Matt in the month of December 2023, asserting that he was owed $267,000 in back child care. The lawsuit reveals the ongoing personal and financial disagreements between the couple, that occasionally spilled into their professional and public lives.

What’s new with the Barnes Bunch?

Now, Matt Barnes is taking another crack at reality TV with his new show, The Barnes Bunch. The show follows his relationship with his current fiancée the model Anansa Sims, as well as their family dynamics that are blended. The show not only focuses on their everyday lives, but also explores the challenges of navigating relationships within families that are blended, especially due to the public controversies between his former wife.

How Are the Children Affected?

The safety of Barnes the twins of Govan has become a frequent worry throughout their public battles. In her most recent suit, Gloria expressed worries about the exposure of the children to possible conflicts that could occur in the course of filming the show Barnes Bunch. Initially, she agreed to a limited participation of their sons in The show. However, Gloria claimed that Matt of having extended their involvement beyond what was originally agreed upon and causing her to be more concerned about their safety in a potentially dangerous situation.

What About the Other Relationships?

To add another layer to the story, Gloria Govan began a relationship with Derek Fisher, Matt’s friend and former teammate. The friendship, which resulted in their marriage in 2018 and their marriage in 2021 made it more difficult to understand the dynamics within the family, particularly in the public context. Matt has openly discussed the challenges involved in navigating these relationships, and has stressed the importance of putting aside personal differences to benefit the children involved.


As reality television is evolving and evolve, the fascination with the lives of celebrities like Matt Barnes grows. The viewers are not just drawn to the entertainment aspects but as well to the actual issues these celebrities confront, especially when it comes to managing relationships in the spotlight. As the show continues to film the show, The Barnes Bunch viewers will get a closer glimpse into Barnes lives, offering an array of family drama, drama as well as the reality of dealing with the past and current relationships. The show is expected to provide not only entertainment, but insight into the challenges of life after sports as well as the dynamic of families that are blended that are in the spotlight.

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