Luka Doncic Wife & How Did Luka and Anamaria Meet?

Anamaria Goltes was born April 30th 1998 and now hails from Slovenia. In addition to her public persona as a fashion blogger and model, Anamaria pursued higher education at Ljubljana while also living life with Luka Doncic in Dallas. Anamaria’s academic pursuits highlight both dedication and passion – features evident within her personality from an early age.

How Did Luka and Anamaria Meet?

Luka Doncic and Anamaria Goltes’ love story reads like an incredible fairytale. Beginning their romantic endeavor on Croatia’s scenic coastal resort town of Dubrovnik when both were only 12 years old; after briefly parting ways during a brief separation in 2018, their connection flourished and flourished once they finally made it over to Dallas in Texas to embark on their shared life together.

What Are Anamaria’s Professional Endeavors?

In 2017, Goltes made her mark in modeling by becoming an ambassador for Lisca Lingerie before joining Immortal Models Management. Since then, her face has graced several high-profile campaigns, most notably featuring jewellery retailer Zlatarna Celje – she even graced Cosmopolitan Slovenia’s cover. More recently in October 2021 she expanded her professional resume by starting up a fashion blog as well as showing interest in creating her own workout apparel line.

What Have They Experienced Since Moving to Dallas?

Adjusting to life in Dallas presented Goltes with its share of challenges; initially she found its culture shock daunting but has since found comfort and familiarity within its European-influenced vibe. They share their home in Dallas with three beloved dogs that provide them with companionship and warmth in equal measures.

How Does Anamaria Support Luka?

Although Goltes may not have much interest in basketball herself, she remains Doncic’s staunch supporter at games by wearing his jersey number of 77 or cheering enthusiastically for him at matches – often cheering in support at each and every one. In addition, when his NBA schedule becomes too demanding she represents him at charity events or other commitments when required by charity organizations as his partner and friend; an indicator of mutuality. This dynamic shows just how close Anamaria and Luka have always been since

What Does Their Engagement and Parenthood Signify for Their Future?

After seven years together, Doncic proposed to Goltes romantically on July 7, 2023 — his jersey number being 77 — marking an auspicious event in Slovenia and cementing their commitment further with Gabriela being born December 2023 as their first child – marking another joyous milestone celebrated while going about their respective busy lives – cementing further their bond and showing they’re prepared to face future together as one strong, united family unit.


Luka Doncic and Anamaria Goltes’ love affair stands as testament to its durability and depth of bond. From childhood friends, to partners and now parents, their journey together has been marked with mutual support, resilience and growth as they face both life’s trials and triumphs together as partners and parents. Their journey continues to inspire many who see that true partnership goes deeper than surface appearances; their narrative unfolds further chapters of love, support and shared success both on and off the basketball court.

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