Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Age Chart, Get Complete Details

Leonardo DiCaprio, the 43-year-old Hollywood heartthrob known for his roles in iconic films like “Titanic” and “The Wolf of Wall Street,” has a well-documented penchant for dating younger women, particularly models. Over the past two decades, this pattern has become so consistent that it has sparked curiosity and speculation. Despite his staggering net worth of £190 million, DiCaprio has not dated anyone over the age of 25 since 1994, when he had his first high-profile fling with 20-year-old Vogue cover girl Bridget Hall.

The Model Magnet

DiCaprio’s dating history reads like a who’s who of the fashion industry. From supermodel Naomi Campbell to Victoria’s Secret Angel Gisele Bündchen, his relationships have consistently involved women in their early twenties. Currently, he is dating 23-year-old Camila Morrone, Al Pacino’s stepdaughter, who is two decades younger than him. This trend raises the question: Why does DiCaprio exclusively date models in their twenties?

The Curse of 25

Interestingly, DiCaprio himself was 25 when he faced his first major negative press. During the filming of “The Beach” in Thailand, he was accused by Thai tabloids of damaging the environment and allegedly impregnating a co-star. This marked the first significant blemish on his previously pristine reputation. Some experts believe this experience may have subconsciously influenced his dating preferences. Andrea Lindsay from Click For Therapy suggests that the negative experiences at 25 might have scarred him, causing him to seek relationships that keep him connected to a happier, younger phase of his life.

Avoiding Mature Relationships

Psychotherapist Noel McDermott posits that DiCaprio’s dating patterns indicate an avoidance of mature relationships. He suggests that DiCaprio’s reluctance to date women over 25 might stem from a desire to avoid the challenges and vulnerabilities associated with more mature relationships. Instead, DiCaprio’s preference for younger partners could be a rationalization for deeper issues, such as an inability to form intimate, long-term connections.

Fear of Being Used

Throughout his career, DiCaprio has been linked with numerous models, from Kristen Zang to Toni Garrn. Blake Lively stands out as the only non-model among his high-profile romances. Psychologist Nicole Gehl theorizes that DiCaprio might prefer models over actresses to avoid being used as a stepping stone in someone else’s career. This fear of being exploited for fame might explain his consistent choice of younger, less career-driven partners.

The Need to Feel Desired

Another theory is that DiCaprio dates younger women to feel desired and youthful. Andrea Lindsay explains that dating women in their twenties allows DiCaprio to maintain an outward appearance of confidence and virility. It also helps him avoid the responsibilities and expectations that come with dating women closer to his own age, such as commitment and the prospect of starting a family.

Blinded by Beauty

Psychologist Toby Ingham suggests that DiCaprio might be initially drawn to the beauty of these young models but ultimately craves deeper, more meaningful connections. In the short term, their physical attractiveness might suffice, but in the long run, beauty alone cannot sustain a relationship. Ingham also speculates that DiCaprio’s close relationship with his mother might play a role. His mother, Irmelin Indenbirken, has been a constant, supportive presence in his life, often accompanying him to award ceremonies instead of his girlfriends.

The One True Love

Despite his numerous high-profile relationships, DiCaprio often speaks highly of his mother, describing her as the center of his life. He once said, “My mother is the center of my life. To have a woman like that in your life, who is strong, who’ll be honest with you about who you are… that’s something I treasure.” This admiration for his mother might also contribute to his inability to form lasting romantic relationships, as he might subconsciously compare his partners to the idealized image of his mother.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history is a fascinating subject of discussion, marked by his unwavering preference for younger women, particularly models. While various theories attempt to explain this pattern, ranging from subconscious scars from past experiences to a desire to maintain youth and avoid commitment, the true reason remains elusive. What is clear, however, is that DiCaprio’s relationships reflect a complex interplay of personal history, psychological factors, and the pressures of living in the public eye.

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