Larry Allen Cause of Death, What Caused Larry Allen’s Death?

Larry Allen was an iconic figure in American football who tragically passed away during a family vacation on June 2nd due to an apparent stroke, leaving behind an incredible legacy of strength, versatility and commitment that fans and family mourned deeply upon hearing of his sudden departure from us all. His death leaves both fans and family grieving his life that truly represented greatness on and off of the field.

Who Was Larry Allen?

Larry Allen began his NFL career on November 27, 1971 and quickly established himself as one of its premier offensive lineman, appearing for 14 seasons with both Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers during this timeframe. His contributions could be felt throughout both franchises he represented – Dallas Cowboys being at one end and San Francisco 49ers on another!

What Caused Larry Allen’s Death?

While on vacation with his family at a beachfront location, Larry Allen unexpectedly collapsed from what would later be identified as a severe stroke. Paramedics quickly responded but ultimately passed on due to complications related to it despite their best efforts despite some speculation regarding vaccination status, though ultimately death due to complications related to stroke has been determined as being the primary factor behind it all.

Who Survives Larry Allen?

Larry Allen led an extraordinary personal and professional life. Married to Janelle, with whom he shared an unbreakable bond, and having two children (Larry Jr and Lyric). Their loss has been deeply felt within both families themselves as well as by all who knew and respected Allen.

What Do the Marks of Larry Allen’s NFL Career Look Like?

Larry Allen has led an exceptional life. It is filled with incredible milestones that represent significant moments throughout his journey:

  • Versatility and Skill: Allen displayed both versatility and skill by playing multiple offensive line positions – showing adaptability and expertise at each. His unsurpassed strength remains one of the highest marks among NFL players today.
  • Pro Bowl and All-Pro Honors: Allen was honored with 11 Pro Bowl selections and 7 First-Team All-Pro honors, reflecting his exceptional performance.
  • Super Bowl Champion: As an integral member of the Dallas Cowboys team, Allen helped lead them to victory at Super Bowl XXX.
  • Durability: Allen made headlines throughout his 14-season NFL tenure for not only his skill and endurance but also for appearing in 203 games despite suffering injuries that would require surgery for recovery.
  • Legacy and Honors: Honored with induction into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame (2013) as well as both NFL 1990s All-Decade Teams, Allen is testament to his impactful legacy within football.

How Did Larry Allen Impact Football?

Larry Allen had an indelible mark on American football that far outlives physical presence alone. His role redefining an offensive lineman combined physical strength with strategic acumen, setting a benchmark for future generations of offensive linemen to follow. Both the Dallas Cowboys and NFL community hold him up as being instrumental figures who elevated their games during his era.

What Has Larry Allen Taught Us?

Larry Allen left us an example of resilience, hard work and adaptability with his success journey from junior college athlete to NFL legend. Not only did Allen leave an imprint in football – his off-field pursuits inspired many with commitment shown towards family as well.


Larry Allen will be keenly missed across sports world and beyond, his rise from humble origins to professional football exemplifying the American dream. Though his untimely death may be felt deeply by athletes and fans worldwide, his legacy will live on for generations of athletes and fans to follow – as the NFL and family reflect upon all he contributed; they celebrate a man whose impactful life they celebrate as much.

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