Kroos Age, Bio & What Are Kroos’ Career Highlights?

Kroos recently retired after an impressive professional football career that saw him dominate midfield positions across both Bundesliga and La Liga leagues. To mark this momentous occasion, we take a look back at his greatest moments and his impactful legacy within football history.

Who is Toni Kroos?

Toni Kroos first emerged onto the scene as an extremely promising young talent at Greifswald in Germany on January 4, 1990 and quickly rose through his footballing ranks from there, becoming one of the greatest midfielders ever seen on an arena pitch at just 17. Beginning his professional career at Bayern Munich where he made his debut when just 17 years old and later earning 18-month loan stints to Bayer Leverkusen for 18 months before making a triumphant return back home helping Bayern secure multiple Bundesliga championships and one Champions League triumph before eventually returning back home after being loaned back out on loan after 18 months at Bayer Leverkusen where his skills flourished further, helping Bayern claim multiple Bundesliga championship titles and one Champions League victory during that same year (2013).

What Set Kroos Apart at Real Madrid?

In 2014, Toni Kroos made a significant move to Real Madrid for an estimated fee of EUR25 million and quickly distinguished himself with outstanding passing, vision and set-piece ability that propelled Real Madrid to three consecutive Champions League victories from 2016-2018. As part of that treble success he also proved pivotal to controlling game pace effectively as part of their midfield unit – becoming an invaluable cornerstone.

How Has Kroos Influenced Modern Football Tactics?

Toni Kroos’ style of play has had an immense influence on modern football tactics. Renowned for his precision and calm under pressure, his unique play has redefined what it means to be a central midfielder; his dual defensive/creative skills meld seamlessly. Furthermore, his strategic vision allows him to produce game-altering plays – serving as an ideal role model for up and coming midfielders worldwide.

What Are Kroos’ Career Highlights?

Kroos has amassed an impressive collection of titles and awards during his distinguished career. At Real Madrid alone, he has garnered over 20 trophies, such as multiple Champions League and La Liga championships. On a worldwide stage, Kroos played an essential role in Germany’s 2014 World Cup triumph as both top assist provider and All-Star Team member; such performance secured his status among football’s elite.

What Legacy Will Toni Kroos Leave Behind?

Toni Kroos’ legacy goes well beyond winning multiple trophies during his illustrious career. His professionalism, work ethic and consistency set high standards that continue to set an example. After retiring he leaves behind one who could always deliver at top levels in even the most intense pressure situations.


Toni Kroos announces his retirement, football loses one of its finest midfield maestros. Kroos’ career was one of tactical brilliance, leadership excellence and memorable moments that delighted fans worldwide. Not only has he won titles; his humility and devotion will long remain remembered within football circles and history books alike. As Toni Kroos joins other legendary figures in passing their legacy onto subsequent generations of players in coming generations, so too will his legacy.

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