Kalani Faagata Age, Early Life, Career, Personal Life & More

Kalani Faagata, who is a well-known character from Season 6 of “90 Day Fiance,” is a source of interest for the fans ever since the beginning of her story with her former partner, Asuelu Pulaa. The story of the couple began after Kalani had to break up with Asuelu while on vacation to Samoa and led to her becoming pregnant. They got married shortly after Asuelu was transferred to America with K-1 visa. They had to face the difficulties of adjusting to a new set of family dynamics, and expecting their second child.

What Led to Kalani and Asuelu’s Split?

Through their marriage, Kalani and Asuelu encountered various challenges that centered in communication concerns. Asuelu freely discussed the issues at the mid-point of 2022. He also acknowledged their divorce while also pointing out the limitations set by his reality show contract, which prevented his from revealing more information. As of June 20, 2022, it became clear that the couple was no longer together as evident by the social media posts they made which included not engaging in a relationship on Instagram.

Who is Asuelu Pulaa Seeing Now?

After separation, Asuelu has been linked romantically to Winter Everett, another “90 Day Fiance” alumni. Rumors circulate regarding Asuelu’s infidelity that may have led to the breaking down of his relationship to Kalani. In the meantime, Kalani was reportedly allowed an “hall pass,” leading to new developments within her personal life.

Meet Dallas Nuez, Kalani’s New Love Interest

Resurfacing from the shadows of her former affair, Kalani is now dating Dallas Nuez. According to the insider information that was provided by The Sun, Dallas works as a security guard for a private company and is based in California as does Kalani. They are believed to be in a relationship, and have plans to relocate together shortly, and Dallas has already admitted Kalani into his own family.

How Did Kalani and Dallas Meet?

Information about the way Kalani and Dallas meet remain private yet their friendship appears to be thriving quickly. Kalani is slowly introducing Dallas to her fans via Instagram in the beginning, with a fun post on December 2022 in which she celebrated an unknown man called “Jesus.” In May 2023, Dallas began to be a regular Instagram user that was identifiable through her distinct tattooed hand on her posts.

What’s the Age Difference Between Kalani and Dallas?

Dallas who was born in the year 1995 and is now 28 and is in the same age bracket as Asuelu however, he has an age gap of seven years with the 35-year-old Kalani. This adds a new dimension of their dynamic relationship that showcases a mix of youthfulness and maturity.

How Have Fans Reacted to Kalani’s New Relationship?

The reactions to the reaction of “90 Day Fiance” fans is a mix of delight and admiration. A lot of people are happy to observe Kalani getting her life back on track and finding peace following the scandalous ending of her relationship. Instagram posts featuring Dallas are received with enthusiasm and interest, as fans anxiously await the next chapter to unfold.

What Does the Future Hold for Kalani and Dallas?

While Kalani and Dallas are preparing to be cohabiting the fans are hoping for more insight on their romance. Due to Kalani’s fame from the reality TV show is likely that she’ll keep sharing the journey they’ve shared, keeping viewers engaged with the ongoing tale of new beginnings and love.

This story demonstrates how life is able to change dramatically after the reality television including Kalani Faagata finding new love and moving into a promising life in the company of Dallas Nuez, away from the difficulties that once defined her life as a couple with Asuelu.

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