Justin Hartley Wife & – What Role Does Family Play in Their Lives?

Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas first crossed paths during 2015-2016 on the set of “The Young and the Restless”, though at that time Hartley was still involved with Chrishell Stause, precluding any romantic spark between them at first. Their interactions at first were brief; focused solely on professional roles within the show. After Chrishell Stause departed their lives in 2019, these two met again under different circumstances, opening up new possibilities.

What Makes Their Relationship Special?

Following their reunion in 2020, Hartley and Pernas quickly realized the potential in their connection and secretly married in May 2021 under vows of mutual respect and deep affection. Hartley often raves about his ease and joy of his relationship with Pernas – noting the natural progression from friendship to romance with mutual interests and values making every moment together meaningful for both of them.

How Have They Managed to Blend Professional and Personal Lives?

Both actors, Hartley and Pernas have found an indelible chemistry that extends into their professional lives. They’ve embraced opportunities for working together on sets like Hartley’s action drama Tracker or appearing together as guests stars on NBC’s Quantum Leap reboot — collaborations which not only broadened their professional repertoires, but strengthened both personal relationships too; evidence that both on- and off-screen collaboration is possible!

What Role Does Family Play in Their Lives?

Hartley and Pernas’ relationship centers around family. Isabella from Hartley’s previous marriage with Lindsay Korman has an adorable relationship with Pernas that often becomes evident via social media posts and public outings. Hartley and Pernas value home life immensely; indulging each evening spent together as “date night.” Their strong family orientation highlights their dedication towards providing a stable, loving environment for themselves and those they hold close.

How Does the Couple Handle Public Attention?

Hartley and Pernas have handled public attention gracefully since making their relationship public, as evidenced by their red carpet debut at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards which caused wedding rumors to start swirling – later confirmed! Their public appearances tend to be friendly yet professional with moments of affection between each appearance shared between each appearance; such open acknowledgments of their relationship allows for better transparency with fans and media alike.

What Are Their Future Aspirations?

Looking ahead, Hartley and Pernas appear focused on strengthening their relationship while broadening their professional horizons. Both parties have expressed a wish to continue working closely together whenever possible – they treasure working alongside one another due to its closeness. Although no plans exist yet for expanding their family unit further, both couples enjoy spending time together with Hartley’s daughter as they begin building life with each other – their current plans seem focused around maintaining happiness and peace between one another.


Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas have created an acclaimed relationship that many admire for its strength, simplicity, and sincerity. Their journey from co-stars to soulmates serves as testament to both timing and connection – it proves how essential friendship can be in creating long-term bonds; sharing both their lives publicly as well as privately serves as reminder that true romance lies at its center in profound friendship and mutual respect for one another – something these two examples show throughout. Neither story consists solely in finding love; their narrative encompasses discovering it unexpectedly while cherishing every step along the way.

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