John Travolta Wife, Get Complete Details

John Travolta and Kelly Preston first met while working on “The Experts” film in 1987. Kelly Preston recalled vividly their first encounter as if it happened yesterday: she remembered seeing Travolta with his two dogs in the hallway thinking to herself “Oh My God – kill me now”! Travolta also took an instant liking to Preston; recalling immediate chemistry and how beautiful she was, while noting how quickly their initial spark blossomed into an extended romance that has endured decades.

Preston and Gage separated in 1987, leading her to briefly date George Clooney in 1989 before becoming engaged to Charlie Sheen a year later. Yet Preston always held a special connection for Travolta; so much so that on New Year’s Eve of 1990 they announced their engagement.

Tying the Knot Twice

Travolta and Preston began their marriage together by officially uniting twice in 1991, holding ceremonies both times they met each other for both ceremonies to ensure legality of their union and create memories that would last a lifetime. Their union marked a journey filled with love, resilience and shared dreams that brought great success for both of them.

Building a Family

The Travolta-Preston family was formalized with the birth of Jett, their first son. Though his birth brought immense joy, their happiness was sometimes marred by Kawasaki disease which resulted in frequent seizures for their child. Yet regardless of these challenges, Travolta and Preston remained dedicated parents providing him with love and care as much as possible.

In 2000, Ella Bleu was born, adding another source of joy and satisfaction for Travolta and wife Cyd. As Ella grew up under the public gaze but with their unconditional support, Travolta often spoke proudly of Ella who later pursued an acting career like both of her parents.

Benjamin was born a year after Jett’s untimely death at 16; Travolta describes Benjamin as the beautiful glue who helped their family get back on their feet after such a tragedy.

Facing Tragedy Together

Travolta first made her appearance on “Good Morning America” to discuss how Benjamin had provided strength and comfort following Jett’s death, then faced another difficult test when Preston was diagnosed with breast cancer – something she bravely endured privately over two years with incredible strength and resolve.

Travolta shared his deeply heartbreaking news of Preston’s passing at age 57 on Instagram and expressed both sorrow and gratitude for all those who supported their family during her illness. “She fought courageously with love and support from so many – including doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center, other medical facilities who assisted, her many friends and loved ones who stood by her side during this long and courageous fight,” wrote Travolta.

Travolta told his followers he planned on spending quality time with his children as they dealt with life after their mother passed. He thanked everyone for the outpouring of love and support they showed during his recent ordeal and promised that they will feel it throughout his family’s healing process in coming weeks and months.

Celebrating Timeless Love

Travolta and Preston’s love was evident throughout their years together; from public appearances to intimate tributes. On anniversaries they would send each other heartfelt messages; celebrating time spent together with their children was especially meaningful to both of them. Their relationship was marked by mutual admiration, respect and an unbreakable bond.

Travolta would often speak about the importance of cherishing every moment spent with loved ones. Through interviews and social media posts, he spotlighted Preston as someone who brought joy into his life while showing great strength when faced with difficulty – his story being an example of both lasting love and the resilience of human spirit.

A Legacy of Love and Resilience

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s love story remains one of Hollywood’s enduring romances, from its initial meeting until their final moments together, they faced life’s obstacles with grace and unwavering affection despite many highs and lows in between; yet their devotion remained consistent all throughout their journey together.

Preston lives on through her children and the countless lives she touched with kindness and warmth. Travolta continues to honor her memory by honoring their beautiful life together and celebrating its memory even after Preston has gone.

As Travolta and his children move forward with life, they carry with them the strength and love instilled by Preston in them – their story stands as testament to love’s unbreakable bond among family members.

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