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Jeremy Clarkson, the outspoken former host of “Top Gear,” has raised awareness to an under-recognized health concern that he believes should be properly addressed. At 63, Clarkson now hosts “Clarkson’s Farm” on Amazon Prime and has shared his battle against persistent cough and runny nose symptoms that began mid-December; regardless of attempts at self-medication using over-the-counter remedies or traditional comforts like sitting by a fire for comforting purposes, his condition has not improved over time.

Public Health Concern

Clarkson’s symptoms – severe coughing fits that interrupt his sleep and an abundance of phlegm production–indicate that he might be suffering from whooping cough, more commonly known as pertussis. Whooping cough is an infectious bacterial condition which infects lungs and breathing tubes; its impact is especially serious for babies and young children, prompting health authorities to encourage vaccination.

Clarkson voiced his dismay about how casually people perceive whooping cough as an illness in his column for The Sun, noting how many believed the condition to have been under control or eliminated, but recent data contradicts this assumption: according to UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), cases have seen a dramatic surge in England and Wales with 716 suspected cases being reported from early July until November last year (compared with just 217 during that same time frame in 2022).

Global Perspective

Clarkson also highlighted the global repercussions of whooping cough, noting that nearly 300 deaths, predominantly among children, occur annually from this infection. He queried why, given these alarming figures, insufficient efforts are put towards combatting its outbreak when there are signs of resurgence.

TV presenter Peter Brown speculated that the COVID-19 pandemic may have eclipsed other health crises, including an upsurge in whooping cough cases. Public and health system attention may have been diverted away from other infectious diseases that might otherwise spread quickly and widely if their attention wasn’t drawn quickly enough.

Personal Impact

Personal Impact Clarkson has continued his farming business despite health challenges. His lighthearted dismissal of possibly just suffering from a heavy cold illustrates his characteristic humor when discussing personal challenges; nonetheless, this situation sends a strong message about recognizing and responding to lesser-known health threats post-pandemic.

Clarkson mockingly noted the ease of seeking medical help, alluding to the difficulty many face in accessing timely healthcare. This comment underscores the wider consequences of healthcare system strains when emergent diseases go undetected by both public and medical communities.


Jeremy Clarkson’s experience with what may have been whooping cough serves as a powerful reminder of the vital importance of public health vigilance following COVID-19’s pandemic. His call not to dismiss an infectious disease’s return indicates the necessity of continued awareness and action taken; public health officials, healthcare providers, and the general public must remain alert to all potential threats, not only those at the forefront.

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