Jalen Brunson Wife & How Did Jalen and Ali Meet?

Ali Brunson (formerly Ali Marks) won Jalen Brunson over after she first entered their high school years together in Lincolnshire, Illinois on September 10th 1995. Ali went on to earn her doctorate at Northwestern University before embarking upon her physical therapist career at WB Carrell Memorial Clinic in Dallas after working as a rehabilitation aide at Athletico Chicago for some time beforehand.

How Did Jalen and Ali Meet?

Jalen and Ali met while attending Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois in October 2013 when they started dating and have remained together ever since – attending prom together and sharing high school milestones such as prom. As Jalen moved onto play basketball at Villanova while Ali studied closer to home at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign before heading up north for further studies at Northwestern.

What Were the Highlights of Their Wedding?

Ali and Jalen tied the knot at an elegant Ritz-Carlton ceremony held on July 29, 2023, which held special significance to them both. Their grand celebration included lights, lasers, laser shows, fun DJ music, good food and drinks as Ali stunned in her custom off-white Eva Lendel gown while later changing into her prom dress from 2015. Jalen donned his velvet loafers custom black tuxedo for this unforgettable milestone event that commemorated both their union but their journey together as they marked milestones along their shared life together.

How Does Ali Support Jalen’s Basketball Career?

Ali has always been by Jalen’s side through all stages of his basketball journey from Villanova through college days at Dallas Mavericks to playing for New York Knicks; from sideline cheering during games at Villanova through significant events like contract signing with Knicks contract signing and charity fundraising together to appearing together as public engagements such as AT&T March Madness Commercial in 2024. Ali remains at Jalen’s side throughout every step. She regularly cheers him from sidelines while attending important events like contract signing or charity fundraising together! Ali remains by his side throughout it all, acting both personally while publically supporting him publicly such as appearing together during AT&T March Madness Commercial for AT&T 2024 commercial.

What Charitable Work Does Ali Engage In?

Ali Brunson has long shown her dedication to charity work through Project Purple, an organization focused on aiding those affected by pancreatic cancer – something close to her heart after losing her father due to this condition in 2010. To raise money, she participates in marathons raising funds for Project Purple; further demonstrating her desire to make an impactful difference within the community.


Ali and Jalen Brunson’s partnership exemplifies true devotion, mutual support, and shared experiences from their early years to adulthood. From Jalen’s basketball career and Ali’s pursuits in physical therapy and charity work – inspiring those around them – their story remains inspiring as it evolves with time; not simply romance but growing together while supporting each other through each trial or triumphant moment in time.

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