Iqra Hasan Age, Attempting To Close The Communal Gap

Iqra Hasan’s family has been entrenched in Indian politics for over four decades. Her political lineage began with her grandfather, Akhtar Hasan, who was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) in 1984 from Kairana on a Congress ticket. Notably, he defeated Mayawati, who was then a novice in Lok Sabha elections. Iqra’s father, Munawwar Hasan, upheld the family’s political mantle by being elected an MP in 1996 on a Samajwadi Party (SP) ticket. Tragically, Munawwar’s political journey was cut short by a fatal road accident in 2008.

Tabassum Hasan’s Triumph

Following Munawwar Hasan’s untimely death, his wife, Tabassum Hasan, continued the family’s political saga. She won the Kairana Lok Sabha seat on a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) ticket in 2009 and again in a 2018 bypoll after BJP MP Hukum Singh’s demise. Tabassum’s victories solidified the family’s significant influence in the region’s political landscape.

Nahid Hasan’s Challenges

Iqra’s elder brother, Nahid Hasan, has faced significant challenges in his political career. As a three-time MLA, his most recent victory came in 2022 while he was incarcerated under the Gangster Act. Despite his imprisonment, Iqra played a crucial role in ensuring his electoral success, marking a turning point in her political life.

Iqra’s Educational Background

Iqra Hasan boasts an impressive academic background. She completed her schooling at Queen Mary’s School in New Delhi, graduated from Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College for Women, and pursued postgraduate studies in international politics and law at SOAS University in London. Despite her academic achievements, she identifies as a farmer in her election affidavit, reflecting her connection to her roots.

Upholding the Legacy

In her political rallies, Iqra emphasizes her commitment to continuing her family’s legacy of service. She acknowledges a shift in political dynamics following her father’s death, with communal issues taking precedence. However, she asserts that her campaign has aimed to bridge these divides, garnering respect and support from diverse communities. “Iqra means taalim (education),” she states, highlighting the importance of education in fostering societal harmony.

Election Stakes

Iqra recognizes the significance of the current election, describing it as a pivotal moment for the country’s future. She criticizes the BJP’s decade-long tenure, urging voters to consider the visible impacts of their governance. Mukesh Rana, a local supporter, notes a charismatic similarity between Iqra and her father, predicting a tough contest for the BJP-RLD alliance due to dissatisfaction among Jat voters.

A Resilient Campaign

Iqra’s campaign trail is marked by fervent activity, with caravans of vehicles traversing the villages of Jalalabad, Thana Bhawan, Kairana, and Shamli. Supporters, like 25-year-old Vishwas Deswal, describe her as “yuva, shikshit, bebaak aur bedaag” (young, educated, fearless, and spotless). Deswal believes that voters are looking beyond religious affiliations, driven by issues such as unemployment, which is bridging communal gaps.

Electoral Contest

Iqra Hasan is contesting against BJP’s sitting MP, Pradeep Chaudhary, and BSP’s Shripal Rana. In the previous election, Chaudhary defeated Iqra’s mother, Tabassum Hasan, by a significant margin of over 92,000 votes. The Kairana Lok Sabha constituency, comprising five Assembly seats—Nakur, Gangoh, Kairana, Thana Bhawan, and Shamli—presents a complex political battleground. In the last Assembly elections, BJP and RLD secured two seats each, while SP clinched the fifth.

Community Dynamics

The political dynamics in Kairana are shaped by community alliances and discontent. Many Jats, historically a stronghold for Munawwar Hasan’s politics, express dissatisfaction with RLD president Jayant Chaudhary’s sudden political shifts. This discontent may play a crucial role in the election’s outcome, potentially challenging BJP’s dominance.

Iqra’s Vision

Iqra Hasan envisions a future where communal harmony and education take center stage in politics. Her campaign resonates with voters seeking change and development beyond religious divides. As the election day approaches, her charismatic appeal and strong familial legacy continue to inspire confidence among her supporters.

Iqra Hasan’s journey in politics is a testament to resilience and commitment to public service. Her ability to navigate complex political landscapes and uphold her family’s legacy marks her as a significant contender in the current electoral race. The outcome of this election will not only determine her political future but also the broader direction of politics in Kairana.

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