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Netflix’s “Geek Girl,” which premiered in May 2024, follows the adventures of Harriet Manners, a socially awkward teenager-turned-model, and Nick Park, a charismatic supermodel who becomes Harriet’s love interest. The series stars Emily Carey as Harriet and Liam Woodrum as Nick. Based on Holly Smale’s 2013 novel of the same name, “Geek Girl” is a young adult series that delves into themes of self-confidence, maturity, and personal relationships.

Series Overview

“Geek Girl” is based on a popular series of novels by Holly Smale, which includes six main books. The story centers on Harriet Manners, whose transition from a clumsy, socially awkward teenager to a successful model forms the crux of the plot. Her journey is complicated by her relationships, especially with Nick Park, a confident supermodel who initially dates another model named Poppy. Despite facing numerous challenges, Harriet’s experiences in the modeling world help her grow and gain self-assurance.

Young Cast Dynamics

Given its young adult target audience, “Geek Girl” features a cast that skews younger compared to typical Netflix series. Harriet, the protagonist, is characterized by her teenage insecurities and lack of confidence, which make her both socially and physically awkward. This aspect of her character is essential, as the series is as much about her coming-of-age journey as it is about the glamorous world of modeling.

Nick Park’s Role

Nick Park, another pivotal character, is around 17 years old in the series. Portrayed by Liam Woodrum, Nick is already a seasoned model who exudes confidence and experience, traits that sharply contrast with Harriet’s initial awkwardness. At the beginning of the series, Nick is in a relationship with Poppy, a fellow model who doesn’t hide her disdain for Harriet. Despite this, Nick recognizes Harriet’s potential and supports her budding modeling career, facilitated by his fashion designer aunt, Yuji. Eventually, Nick and Harriet develop a bond, leading Nick to break up with Poppy to date Harriet.

Liam Woodrum’s Background

While Nick is portrayed as a 17-year-old, his actor, Liam Woodrum, was 20 during the filming of “Geek Girl” in 2023. Born in Anaheim, California, Woodrum is currently 21 years old. “Geek Girl” marks one of his first major roles, following his debut in 2023’s “Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance.” He is also set to appear in the upcoming horror film “213 Bones,” playing the character Eric.

Harriet Manners’ Journey

Harriet Manners, the central character of “Geek Girl,” is depicted as a 16-year-old in the series. Her character is a quintessential shy and awkward teenager whose life takes an unexpected turn when she is discovered by modeling agents at London Fashion Week. Despite her initial lack of confidence, Harriet’s determination to try modeling leads to unexpected success. In Holly Smale’s original book, Harriet is 15 years old, but Netflix chose to age the character up by a year for the series adaptation.

Emily Carey’s Role

Emily Carey, who portrays Harriet, was also 20 years old during the filming of “Geek Girl.” Her performance captures Harriet’s transformation from a self-conscious teenager to a confident model, resonating with the audience’s experiences of growth and self-discovery. Carey’s portrayal highlights Harriet’s vulnerability and determination, making her a relatable and inspiring character for viewers.

Series Reception and Future

“Geek Girl” has received strong ratings since its premiere, reflecting its appeal to both fans of the original books and new viewers. Although Netflix has not yet confirmed a second season, the positive reception suggests a promising future for the series. The storyline’s blend of humor, drama, and personal growth has resonated well with audiences, making it a standout addition to Netflix’s young adult offerings.


“Geek Girl” on Netflix brings Holly Smale’s beloved characters to life, offering a fresh and engaging take on the young adult genre. With Emily Carey and Liam Woodrum leading the cast, the series explores themes of self-confidence, maturity, and personal relationships against the backdrop of the modeling world. As fans eagerly await news of a potential second season, “Geek Girl” continues to captivate viewers with its heartfelt and relatable storytelling.

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