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Mandy Moore, renowned for her part as a character in “This Is Us,” and Taylor Goldsmith, the talented frontman of the group Dawes have created the perfect love story worthy of its own screenplay. The story was conceived by the potential of the internet and social media. In 2015 Moore posted her excitement for the brand new Dawes album via Instagram which got interest of Goldsmith. The result was the exchange of texts and eventually the first date. The couple’s relationship grew from there which showed the surprising ways that technology can ignite romance.

What Makes Their Relationship Special?

Moore and Goldsmith are more than a an intimate relationship They are both very involved in each other’s creativity processes. Even though Goldsmith isn’t officially part of Moore’s group but he has contributed significantly in her musical work. Goldsmith has performed, written and recorded several songs alongside Moore. Their collaboration goes beyond the confines of the music studio. Moore was a part of Dawes music video “Roll With the Punches,” the experience Goldsmith described as the integration of their skills in a meaningful manner.

Celebrating Each Other’s Achievements

They both Moore and Goldsmith often express their admiration of one another in public. For example when Goldsmith celebrated his birthday in August of 2020, Moore shared a heartfelt message on social media, applauding Goldsmith’s qualities and thanking him to him for being a part of her. She described him as embodying light, humility, grace, humor, and compassion–qualities that she cherishes deeply. The mutual respect and admiration strengthen their bond which highlights the strength that is derived from their mutual support in professional and emotional terms to one another.

How Do They Merge Their Professional and Personal Lives?

Moore as well as Goldsmith have created an unbeatable synergy between their professional and personal lives. They frequently go on trips together, work on innovative projects, and solve crosswords together. The combination of everyday activities and interests that are shared by both parties ensures a lively and healthy relationship. The ability of their work and personal lives is a testimony to their respect for each other and the healthy relationship they aim to create.


The story of love between Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith is not only about an accidental encounter on social media. It’s it is also about how two talented souls can influence and inspire one another. Their journey reveals the importance of supporting and collaboration in both the personal as well as professional settings. As they continue to discover life together their journey serves as an inspiring reminder of how love can thrive in the present by blending the boundaries between love and art.

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