Hailie Eminem Daughter, Know All Details of Hailie Jade!

In the past, followers of Eminem have seen different aspects that he has lived through in his music from his trials and triumphs, to his profound affection for his daughter Hailie Jade Scott. Recently, that love was again displayed at the most intimate and memorable occasion–Hailie’s wedding. The wedding ceremony, which took place at the beautiful Greencrest Manor in Michigan, is a pivotal moment in her own life as well as the life of her father, who is famous.

Who is Hailie Jade Scott?

Hailie Jade Scott who is now 28, grew up in the spotlight being the child of Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem. The name is featured in more than 20 songs by her father, Hailie has been a prominent figure in the music of Eminem that often draws inspiration from personal themes and personal stories. Nowadays, Hailie is not just the daughter of Eminem, however, she has established her own place as an influencer on social media and a podcast host. The podcast she hosts “Just A Little Shady,” cleverly takes inspiration from her father’s rap personality, Slim Shady, and gives her the opportunity to speak her mind.

When and Where Did the Wedding Take Place?

The wedding took place on the weekend of Greencrest Manor, a beautiful estate located in Michigan famous for its stunning landscapes and beautiful architecture. The venue was chosen because of its intimate location, which is perfect for a wedding that is described by the sources as small in terms of size, but full of sentiment and the exclusivity.

What Made the Ceremony Special?

This wedding was celebration of close family and friends that emphasized the intimacy and connections between people. Although it was small the wedding ceremony didn’t be lacking in celebrity and featured famous guests like 50 Cent as well as Dr. Dre, who have been both long-time acquaintances along with Eminem. The presence of these two stars highlighted the bonds that Eminem has built in his personal and professional lives.

Who is Evan McClintock?

Evan McClintock, the groom has been a an integral part of Hailie’s life ever since they began dating in the year 2016. Their relationship, which started as both students in Michigan State University, has been characterized by mutual support and affection, which was evident in their announcement of engagement in February. In contrast to Hailie, Evan maintains a lower profile, remaining off the radar.

How Did Eminem Participate in the Event?

Eminem’s part in the wedding of his daughter was more than just that of father, but also an example of happiness and joy. He shared a touching dance with Hailie at the reception, an event captured in photos that emphasized the emotion of the event. The tuxedo was classic and along with his iconic black sunglasses, his presence was stylish and important in highlighting his strong bond to his daughter.

What Has Been Shared About the Wedding?

Hailie Jade herself posted on Instagram to share pictures from the wedding and express her happiness and newly-established status as wife. While the original post that featured images of Erika Christine Photography has since been deleted but the photos conveyed the essence of the day. They showcased the gorgeous setting, the happiness of the couple and the intimate atmosphere of the ceremony.


Wedding of Hailie Jade Scott isn’t just an important personal milestone to her as well as Evan McClintock but also closes the circle of Eminem followers who been following her progress through his music. Since “Hailie’s Song” to this significant event, her story is both public and personal. As she begins the next chapter of her life, both her legacy and the one of her father’s keep develop, supported by the strong bonds of family that have always been the core to Eminem’s story.

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