Granger Smith Wife & What Happened to Granger Smith’s Son, River?

Country musician Granger Smith and his wife Amber Smith have endured unimaginable sorrow since River drowned tragically, yet have found strength within each other to overcome grief and remain strong as family ties. It serves as an amazing testament to resilience and familial bonds.

What Happened to Granger Smith’s Son, River?

On June 14, 2019, Granger and Amber Smith experienced their lives being irrevocably altered when their 3-year-old son River drowned accidentally while swimming at home pool. While this tragedy deeply saddened both Granger and Amber Smith, it also began their mission of helping other families avoid similar tragedies in future.

How Did Granger and Amber Smith React Following River’s Death?

Following River’s death, Granger and Amber found themselves plunged into profound grief, but instead chose to focus on helping others by spreading water safety education and drowning prevention efforts. Granger later described this period of intense personal struggle due to guilt feelings over River’s demise resonating within him like never before but eventually found solace through therapy as well as her support.

What Are Amber Smith and Her Family Doing to Prevent Drowning?

Since her loss, Amber Smith has become an outspoken proponent for drowning prevention. Working closely with the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA), Amber works to raise awareness among parents about risk factors for drowning as well as effective safety practices around water environments – pool fences, self-closing gates and alarms are just three layers of protection she recommends as a must for complete protection ensuring children possess water proficiency skills.

How Has the Community Supported the Smith Family?

The community response to Granger and Amber Smith’s tragedy and advocacy work has been overwhelming in terms of support. Their healing has been assisted through solidarity among parents who have also suffered similar losses; furthermore, this platform allows Granger and Amber to share their story and spread awareness on an even broader scale.

How Have the Smiths Coped After Loss?

In spite of tragedy, the Smiths have found consolation and healing. In August 2021 they welcomed Maverick, whom although not replacing River has brought immense joy into their lives – Granger notes how Maverick remains familiar with River through photographs and videos shared among family members; maintaining an invaluable connection that remains dearly valued within their household.


Granger and Amber Smith’s journey from grief to advocacy serves as an illuminating illustration of family and community strength. Through turning personal tragedy into meaningful change, their story stands as an inspirational beacon for others facing similar obstacles.

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