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The Taylor Swift Eras Tour has been a spectacle of celebrities’ appearances and the Paris part of her tour was no different.┬áThe City of Light as the backdrop, Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid were spotted having an intimate evening at the concert that included a set of Swift’s latest hits from her album “The Tortured Poets Department.”┬áThe concert not only showcases Swift’s huge popularity, but also her capacity to gather famous people for memorable nights.

Who Attended Taylor Swift’s Paris Concert?

In the crowd of glittering stars, Bradley Cooper, 49 along with Gigi Hadid who is 29 made an impact as they spent the evening together, taking in the atmosphere and music the Swift performance. This isn’t the only occasion that Hadid has been seen to show her support for Swift She’s been a frequent guest at many performances, always in the middle of the action, and sometimes in the background.

What Was Special About This Concert?

This particular show was a one of the shows on Swift’s Eras Tour, but with an added twist: it featured a distinctive playlist specifically designed for the European audience. Swift fans were treated to tunes such as “But Daddy I Love Him” and “So High School,” along with others, recorded live and for the first time Europe. These songs, from her new album gave a unique element to the Paris concert and made it an essential concert for Swifties as well as non-fans alike.

How Did Gigi Hadid Engage With the Event?

Gigi Hadid’s attendance at Taylor Swift’s performances has always been enthusiastic but this time, she brought her own personal flair to the event. She was previously seen on the streets of Santa Clara, California, performing with passion and wearing friendship bracelets – a testimony to her close connection with Swift. In Paris the couple’s engagement was as evident and contributed to the lively energy of the evening.

Were There Any Notable Moments Offstage?

In fact, there were many amazing behind-the scenes moments that were captured during the performance. One particular moment posted on the social media platform by Swift on TikTok included Hadid and Swift traveling backstage together Swift’s father guiding them on his Segway. The candid video, hilariously captioned by Swift revealed the light personal aspect of the concert experience showing the close-knit connections within Swift’s circle of friends.


On the fourth evening of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Paris was not just a concert, but an occasion to celebrate musicality and friendship. With stars such as Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid present, the concert was more than just a typical concert and became an occasion for high-profile supporter and their fans. The distinctive program and exclusive European songs made for an unforgettable evening for all in attendance.

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