Fred Goldman Net Worth, What Is His Salary Or Worth? Income Sources

Fred Goldman continues his decades-long struggle against O.J. Simpson for justice and compensation stemming from their 1994 killing of Ron and Nicole Brown Simpson; an event which has unfolded through both criminal and civil courts alike.

What caused a new legal action to begin?

Fred Goldman remains determined in his efforts to enforce O.J. Simpson’s civil judgment for Ron Goldman’s wrongful death; back in 1997 a jury ordered Simpson to pay $33.5 million damages; yet, for nearly 20 years this has gone largely unfulfilled. This week saw another court filing reveal this information, showing Fred has continued fighting to have it enforced against O.J. Simpson.

Now, Fred Goldman asserts that Simpson owes approximately $96 Million. With this latest legal move aiming at renewing the judgment and creating a consistent payment schedule to cover this additional sum, Goldman wants a renewal.

How Did Liability Amount Rise to $96 Million?

Since 1997, Simpson was subject to interest on her original $33.5 million judgment against him; over this timeframe it has ballooned due to accrued interest and penalties due to nonpayment, reaching nearly three times what it originally cost due to his minimal efforts towards repaying this debt.

What Strategies Has Goldman Employed to Uphold Judgments?

Fred Goldman has employed numerous legal strategies in an attempt to collect payments owed from Simpson. Notably in 2007, Goldman successfully claimed ownership rights to “If I Did It” during its bankruptcy proceedings despite Simpson making only occasional and inadequate payments towards this debt.

Why Is Simpson Allegedly Able to Pay Now?

Fred Goldman alleges that Simpson may have income sources which could help satisfy his judgment, such as potential pension earnings or money earned via autograph signings and public appearances that might help satisfy it. This could include pension earnings as well as potential earnings from signing contracts and autograph collections that Simpson could partake in.

What Action Were Taken Previously?

Fred Goldman has repeatedly filed to renew the judgment. Most recently in 2015, Goldman claimed Simpson owed $57 million at that point; these regular renewals are essential in maintaining enforcement and to reflect changes due to interest accumulation.

What Are The Legal Consequences Of Renewal?

Renewing a civil judgment is a routine procedure when judgment debtors do not fulfill their debt. Renewing serves to legally reinstate their creditors right to collect, while at the same time updating any accrued penalties or interest. Fred Goldman’s action signifies his firm intention in seeking enforcement of his court-awarded judgements.

Can Simpson Contest This Renewal?

O.J. Simpson may file an appeal of the renewal of a judgment. Such an appeal might rely on arguments regarding his financial incapacity for payment of increased judgment amounts or challenge the calculations used for interest and penalties; any claim must be supported with relevant financial disclosure documents and could lead to increased legal scrutiny against Simpson.

What Does This Mean For the Goldmans?

Goldman family’s legal pursuit is more than simply about money; they seek justice and accountability through this legal battle. Renewing of judgment not only seeks financial restitution but serves as a constant reminder of Ron Goldman’s death as well as showing their determination to hold Simpson responsible.

Fred Goldman and O.J. Simpson’s battle illustrates the difficulty and intricacies involved with enforcing civil judgments against high-profile figures with substantial assets, particularly when these judgments span decades and involve considerable sums of money. It remains to be seen how this new legal effort unfolds and whether its results bring closure for Fred’s family over two-and-a-half decades of uncertainty.

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