Erin Wasson Husband, How Did Erin and Barth Meet?

Erin Wasson, the renowned model and jewelry designer is not a celebrity however her wedding reception was not typical. The event was dubbed “Ranch Tropez,” this exclusive event seamlessly combined Erin’s Texas roots along with Barth Tassy’s French Riviera heritage, creating an unforgettable celebration located in Austin, Texas.

How Did Erin and Barth Meet?

The story of their love started unexpectedly at a gay bar in which Erin Barth and Erin Barth first came into contact. The initial meeting eventually led to an intimate connection. Erin candidly reminisces about their first encounter and how easily at that they interacted and reveals the instant feeling of connection that made their connection unique from the beginning.

What Made “Ranch Tropez” Unique?

“Ranch Tropez” wasn’t just an imaginative choice for an event’s name, it was the perfect symbol of the couple’s diverse cultures. The wedding was held at the charmingly decayed old site that was Word of Life Baptist Church. Word of Life Baptist Church The wedding was relaxed but meticulously planned event. Despite the scorching temperatures of 102 degrees the guests were kept cool by carved wood fans as well as refreshing drinks from Whispering angel wine.

The décor and the activities were planned in order to celebrate each of Erin and Barth’s traditions. From the low-fi southern soul tunes spun by DJ Lisa Butch to the local dishes served by the catering expert Barbara Frisbie, every detail was instilled with a personal meaning.

What Was on the Menu?

In keeping with the theme of the wedding the menu was a bridge between Texan and French food styles. The rehearsal dinner was the Barth’s French origins with mussels as well as Hibachi style steak frites. The menu for the wedding night was an ode to Texas and featured traditional barbecue from Smitty’s Market the beloved 70-year-old institution located in Lockhart, Texas. The menu was not just a hit with guests, but also set the tone for the wedding with Erin’s Texan roots.

Why Was the Wedding Kept Intimate?

Erin and Barth have decided the idea of keeping their wedding intimate, allowing only 80 of their closest family and friends. This made sure that the wedding was intimate and meaningful, with the focus upon the value of the interactions instead of the number of guests. Erin was very clear about her intention to ensure that the event was free from the pressures of her work life and allowing her to completely be absorbed in the excitement of the moment.


Erin Wasson’s wedding was an enthralling example of the way traditional details can be tied together with personal elements to create a unique wedding. “Ranch Tropez” was not only a wedding of two couples, but an amazing combination of two cultures which was captured in a weekend full of laughter, love, and relaxed lavishness.

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