Ellyse Perry Husband, What Was Behind Their Split?

Ellyse Perry, an Australian athlete known for both cricket and soccer expertise, and Matt To’omua, an accomplished rugby player, were once celebrated sports couples; their marriage ultimately fell apart in 2020 leaving many followers puzzled as to the circumstances that lead them apart and how their lives have developed post-divorce.

Who Are Ellyse Perry and Matt To’omua?

Ellyse Perry has established herself as one of the premier athletes worldwide, excelling at both cricket and soccer at international levels. Matt To’omua also enjoyed an accomplished athletic career; playing rugby union for Australia along with various clubs like Melbourne Rebels and Leicester Tigers before eventually marrying Ellyse in 2008.

What Was Behind Their Split?

Their separation became clear at the Australian Cricket Awards in February 2020 when Perry appeared without her wedding ring and did not name To’omua during her acceptance speech for the Belinda Clark Award. In July 2020 they issued a joint statement outlining why ending the marriage was mutual and in their current best interests, stressing privacy while seeking respect during this challenging transition period.

How did Matt To’omua Cope with His Divorce?

After experiencing significant public scrutiny of their divorce proceedings, To’omua found solace and new beginnings through Naomi Cameron (forensic psychologist), whom he plans on marrying as his new companion; together they recently purchased a home in South East Melbourne – marking an exciting fresh beginning for To’omua and marking another transition period from public to personal life. He described their separation as bitter; upon further disclosure in an open discussion on radio show hostage on this issue in an honest discussion where To’omua expressed these views openly in public.

How Did Social Media Affect Their Divorce?

Social media was an influential player throughout and after their divorce proceedings. To’omua faced considerable public scrutiny during and post-dissolution proceedings – from being taunted during games to harassed online harassment; all showing the challenges public figures often encounter during personal crises.

How Have Both Moved Forward From Their Separation?

Both Perry and To’omua have taken significant strides forward since ending their marriages, each taking steps forward in their personal lives – To’omua recently got engaged and plans a wedding while Perry has continued focusing on cricket while representing Australia with distinction despite the heartache caused by separation. Each athlete now faces exciting new beginnings from this painful ordeal.

What Can We Learn From Their Story?

Its Perry and To’omua’s split provides insight into the challenges associated with maintaining personal relationships in public, as well as showing resilience through personal turmoil under scrutiny. Their story serves as an excellent reminder of both professional success and how humans need each other for continued renewal and advancement.


Ellyse Perry and Matt To’omua journey through marriage, separation and beyond serves as an emblematic tale of all that comes with fame and being in the public eye. Their ability to remain professional athletes while going through personal upheaval speaks volumes for both of their characters as well as resilience; as they continue to find new paths within themselves personally they provide us a compelling account of growth, change, and the ongoing pursuit of happiness beyond public gaze.

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