Edwina Currie John Major, Read All Facts Here

Sir John Major, former Prime Minister of the UK from 1990 to 1997, will testify before the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee today in response to last year’s Greensill scandal involving David Cameron. As former leader from 1990-1997 himself, Major is set to discuss what standards MPs in public office are expected to abide by; following his call for Boris Johnson’s resignation due to “unwise and potentially unsustainable practices”, according to Sir John.

From Grey Image to Controversial Figure

Sir John Major’s image underwent dramatic change when revelations came out five years after his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party and following a four-year affair spanning from 1984-1988 during Margaret Thatcher’s government with Edwina Currie, another Conservative and former Minister he had an affair with. It surprised many given Major’s reputation as an ordinary individual and his prior commitment to moral decency while leading his “back-to-basics” campaign designed to avoid scandal.

Currie has been quite open about their affair, describing Major as a “sexy beast” and having no regrets over it, which began while Major was party whip and Currie backbench MP. Their relationship eventually came to an end as Major’s political career advanced; eventually leading him into Cabinet service as Chief Secretary to Treasury in 1988. Although aware of it herself, his wife Norma, whom he remains married to today had forgiven him of their affair.

Major is anticipated to testify about the ethical expectations for public servants today, drawing upon his experiences in office and recent controversies surrounding other members of his party. His insights should be especially telling given his unique position of having navigated both personal and political scandals while remaining prominent within British politics for so long. Furthermore, his views on governance and ethics will likely come under close examination in light of ongoing discussions regarding integrity in public office.

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