Drake Age, How Much is Drake Really Worth?

The hip-hop industry is witnessing one its most heated rivalries erupt between two giants of the field: Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The saga began due to a controversial song verse the track “First Person Shooter,” in which Drake, J. Cole and Lamar were named”the big three” of hip-hop “big three” of hip-hop. The tensions grew as J. Cole threw shade at Kendrick in “7 Minute Drill” from his album “Might Delete Later,” but the rapper later issued an apology. When the album dropped “Like That” saw Kendrick affirming his position as the best as the top performer, which Drake challenged, which led to several scathing songs of diss like “Pushups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

How Much is Drake Really Worth?

Canadian rapper Drake was who was born Aubrey Drake Graham, boasts an astounding wealth in the region of $225 million. The wealth is primarily due to his lucrative music career in addition to smart endorsements and business ventures. Drake’s earnings per year from his record label OVO Sound alone is around 70 million dollars. The most recent album “For All The Dogs,” had a record-breaking first week of sales, adding significantly to his portfolio of financial assets. In addition to his music career, Drake has lucrative endorsements with top brands, including Sprite, Nike, and Apple Music and an impressive $19 million contract with Apple.

What Does Kendrick Lamar’s Financial Portfolio Look Like?

Kendrick Lamar, who is from Compton is a millionaire with an estimated total net worth of $75 million. He is a Pulitzer Prize and 17-time Grammy Award winner has seen his earnings rise exponentially over time and reached $60 million in the year 2018. Lamar’s earnings increased with his increasing fame, rising between $9 and $39 million by 2019. The success of his financial portfolio is evidence of his popularity and stature in the world of music.

How Do Their Endorsements Compare?

The endorsements are an important part of the income earned by artists as each of Drake and Lamar make use of their fame to land lucrative contracts. Drake’s endorsements are varied that range from beverage firms such as Sprite and tech companies such as Apple Music. The most memorable and unique advertisement was an animated Sprite commercial that featured Drake’s Drake robot. On the other hand, Kendrick Lamar has also collaborated with some of the biggest brands, although the specifics of his endorsements are not as well-known than Drake’s.


The squabble that has been brewing between Drake and Kendrick Lamar isn’t only a war of words, but an affront between titans of finance in the hip-hop business. Both artists have leveraged their influence to generate significant incomes from endorsements, music sales as well as business ventures. While their releases continue their diss music, financial consequences are equally significant and each artist is striving to improve their standing and, consequently their financial standing.

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