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Donald R. Horton, founder and chairman of D.R. Horton Homes – one of the country’s premier homebuilders – passed away at age 74 after years of leadership that saw it transform from local Fort Worth builder into national powerhouse. Horton established D.R. Horton Homes in 1978 under his guidance, growing it to become the largest homebuilder by volume in America enabling over one million American families to achieve homeownership through his guidance.

Building an Empire

Horton began building an empire modestly with the construction of his first home in Fort Worth. But his vision and drive saw D.R. Horton blossom, eventually becoming an official entity in 1991. Horton served as president and CEO from 1991-1998 before transitioning into chairman responsibilities until his passing; his leadership style was marked by personal involvement across their operations across America.

Decentralized Model

Horton revolutionized the homebuilding industry through his revolutionary decentralized operational model, which empowered local leadership teams to make key business decisions such as product offerings, price points and home features based on local market needs. This innovative strategy played an instrumental role in Horton’s success as it allowed it to respond swiftly and meet diverse homebuyer needs across America.

Decentralized Model

Horton was not only an influential leader, but he was also known for being an approachable and generous individual. Known for leading an unassuming personal lifestyle and treating employees like family, Horton’s leadership style placed emphasis on people within his company – visiting field operations regularly while meeting employees from sales offices, job sites and division offices; his approachable nature and emphasis on interpersonal connections made him relatable to everyone he encountered.

Impactful Leadership

Horton demonstrated his dedication to community and employee well-being through his philanthropy efforts, such as founding a summer camp for employees’ children, creating a foundation to assist staff affected by natural disasters, and performing personal acts of kindness towards workers. These initiatives show his belief in giving back to those who contributed so greatly towards his company’s success.

Commitment to Community

Tributes and Honors Its Following Horton’s passing, tributes from industry leaders and colleagues quickly came pouring in. David Auld, newly appointed executive chairman by the board effective immediately, paid his own ode to Horton’s impact both within the company and on homebuilding as an industry. Auld noted his tireless effort in building national homebuilding operations with strong company cultures while his personal involvement with our team of operators throughout the United States had given our company immeasurable value through personal involvement with his own personal team of operatorss across United States has brought immeasurable value both to our people and company alike.”

Tributes and Honors

Carl Harris, Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders, issued a statement honoring Horton as a true icon in the homebuilding industry who left an indelible mark by helping over one million families become homeowners. Harris highlighted his many contributions and lasting legacy within this field.

D.R. Horton left his legacy of homeownership intact, as evidenced by millions of American families that have become homeowners through him. His vision and dedication to building quality homes have had a lasting impact both on the industry as a whole as well as individual lives and families alike. Horton’s approach to homebuilding set a new standard within it: emphasizing local decision-making with deep insight into market needs while prioritizing local decision-making with careful attention paid to market demands and individual customer requirements.

Legacy of Homeownership

Family and Memorial Donald R. Horton leaves behind his wife Marty, sons Ryan and Reagan, daughters-in-law Stacy and Michelle as well as four grandchildren. Mortgage Professional America plans to hold a public memorial event soon and extends our deepest sympathies during this difficult time for his loved ones and spouse.


Donald R. Horton’s death marks an end of an era for D.R. Horton and homebuilding as a whole. His vision, leadership and commitment to excellence left a lasting legacy at both D.R. Horton itself as well as across the industry as a whole. Now under David Auld’s guidance, Horton’s legacy of home ownership for individuals and families throughout the US will live on under David Auld as their company strives to continue fulfilling dreams of homeownership through David Auld and beyond; Horton’s impact will continue shaping homebuilding’s future for generations yet to come.

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