Doom Dark Age, Brings Hell Back To The Medieval Era

Announced during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, Doom: The Dark Ages marks id Software’s latest venture into the hellish realms of the Doom franchise. This time, the developers are taking a bold leap by setting the game in a medieval world. Scheduled for release in 2025, the game will be available on Xbox Series X, including Xbox Game Pass on day one, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC.

Trailer Unveiled

The first trailer for Doom: The Dark Ages showcases the frenetic, precision gameplay that fans of the franchise have come to love. True to its roots, the game features intense blasting and shooting action, along with the iconic chainsaw. A surprising addition to the trailer is the Doom Slayer riding a dragon, hinting at new and exciting gameplay mechanics in this medieval setting. The visuals and gameplay teased in the trailer have already started generating buzz and anticipation among the gaming community.

Official Confirmation

Sunday’s announcement of Doom: The Dark Ages is the first official confirmation following an Insider Gaming report from May. The game is set to explore a medieval spin on the Doom universe, taking players back to the origins of the Doom Slayer. This setting opens up a new narrative and aesthetic direction for the series, blending the brutal action of Doom with medieval fantasy elements. Fans can expect a fresh take on the Doom experience, complete with new lore and environments to explore.

Previous Success

Doom Eternal, released in 2020 by Bethesda Softworks and id Software, was a significant success, launching alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game sold three million digital copies in its release month, tripling the first-month sales of 2016’s Doom, according to Superdata and The success of Doom Eternal established a solid foundation for future expansions and sequels. This strong performance has set high expectations for the upcoming installment.

Expansions Released

Following Doom Eternal, id Software released two major DLC expansions: The Ancient Gods: Part One and The Ancient Gods: Part Two. These expansions continued the story and introduced new challenges, further solidifying the game’s popularity and expanding its universe. The DLCs provided hints about the future direction of the series, including the possibility of exploring the Doom Slayer’s origins and medieval settings. These expansions were well-received, adding depth and replayability to the game.

Director’s Insights

In 2021, ahead of the release of The Ancient Gods: Part Two, Doom Eternal game director Hugo Martin spoke to Polygon about the potential future of the series. Martin hinted at the possibility of a medieval setting: “Could we tell a story about when [the Doom Slayer] first came to that place with the Sentinels, almost like a more medieval setting, a fantasy setting?” He further elaborated that the Doom Slayer’s timeless and immortal nature allows for a variety of stories to be told, including those set in different eras.

Endless Possibilities

The concept of the Doom Slayer as an immortal hero opens up endless possibilities for storytelling within the Doom universe. Martin’s comments suggest that Doom: The Dark Ages will delve into the Doom Slayer’s early encounters with the Sentinels, providing a rich backstory and expanding the lore of the franchise. This medieval twist promises to add depth and variety to the gameplay experience, offering fans new ways to engage with the story and characters.

Growing Anticipation

With the official announcement of Doom: The Dark Ages, anticipation among fans is building. The game’s unique medieval setting, combined with the classic Doom gameplay, is expected to offer a fresh and exciting experience. The inclusion of elements like dragon-riding hints at innovative gameplay mechanics that will set this installment apart from its predecessors. The prospect of new adventures and challenges in a medieval world has fans eagerly awaiting more details.

High Expectations

The success of Doom Eternal and its DLC expansions has set high expectations for Doom: The Dark Ages. As fans eagerly await its release, the game’s unique approach and new setting are poised to breathe fresh life into the beloved franchise. The prospect of exploring the Doom Slayer’s origins in a medieval world is an exciting development that could redefine the series. This shift in setting and story has the potential to attract both long-time fans and new players.


Doom: The Dark Ages represents a bold and innovative direction for the Doom franchise. Announced at Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, the game’s medieval setting and new gameplay elements promise to offer a unique experience for fans. With a release planned for 2025 on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC, the anticipation continues to grow. As id Software delves into the Doom Slayer’s origins, fans can look forward to an immersive and thrilling adventure that blends the best of Doom’s brutal action with a rich medieval fantasy world.

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