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This story about Donald the and Rochelle Sterling is deeply interwoven with the story of pro basketball teams that is played in Los Angeles, specifically with the LA Clippers, a franchise which has experienced its fair many lows and highs. Their rise as business friends to key characters in a national scandal exposes the interplay between the world of sports, politics as well as personal sagas.

How did the Sterlings build their Empire?

Donald and Rochelle Sterling’s rise to the upper echelons of wealth and fame began with a wedding in 1955 and later a partnership that would result in large property holdings.¬†According to The Los Angeles Times, their approach was collaborative and hands-on and focused on building an array of properties that would provide the basis for their next ventures which included the being the owners of LA Clippers basketball team.

Their real estate investments bolstered their financial strength, allowing them to buy their first team, the Clippers from 1981. Through the years, Rochelle became a familiar presence at games, well-known for her extensive understanding of the team and the league.

What caused Donald Sterling’s Exit of the NBA?

The pivotal moment in the Sterling story was in 2014, when a secret audiotape that was leaked to the press disclosed Donald making racist comments. The comments contained a warning for Rochelle not to take people of color for Clippers games. The incident led to a flurry of criticism directed at Sterling which culminated in being banned for life by The NBA and the compulsion to sell the Clippers franchise.

According to NBC News highlighted, this scandal was not just an enormous loss in the life of Donald but also cast a shadow on Rochelle who was partner in the ownership of the club. The scandal forced her into the position of having to manage the aftermath that impacted her professional and personal life significantly.

What did the scandal do to how the Clippers as well as the Sterlings?

The purchase of the Clippers wasn’t just an repercussion of Sterling’s remarks; it was a turning point for the team. Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft bought the team at a record $2 billion, signalling the beginning of a new era. The purchase was crucial because it promised stability and a departure from the turbulent tenure of Sterling.

To Donald and Rochelle the scandal represented an open and embarrassing ending for the couple’s NBA ownership. The incident also sparked discussions about the issue of racism, ownership accountability and the role of sports franchises when it comes to the promotion of values of society. Its FX series “Clipped” examines these issues by focusing on the squabbling within the Clippers team and their effects on everyone affected.


The legacy left by Donald as well as Rochelle Sterling’s time during their time as Clippers owners is complicated. On the one the one hand, they played an integral role in keeping the franchise going throughout various difficulties. However, Donald’s racist remarks and consequences of them were a distraction from their work in bringing the race issue and ethical issues to forefront of the debate about sports.

Their tale can be seen as a warning of the obligations of team ownership as well as the implications of personal opinions in a public forum. While the Clippers continue to operate under new leadership and new management, the lessons learned from the Sterlings are still relevant in bringing to our attention the importance of integrity and respect in all sport, not just sports.

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