Donald Sterling Girlfriend, Know What Is V. Stiviano?

V. Stiviano, born Maria Vanessa Perez, is famous for her role in the scandal that shook the NBA and the entire sporting community in 2014. Despite having a lesser public visibility prior to the controversy, Stiviano became a household name when audio recordings of racist sensitive conversations with Los the Clippers’ owners Donald Sterling were released. These conversations eventually resulted in Sterling’s exile out of the NBA.

What Do the Recordings Show?

On April 14, 2014, an egregious TMZ report broadcast audio tapes that showed Donald Sterling making racially insensitive remarks. The comments were directed at Stiviano who is Black as well as Mexican descent. Sterling was heard asking Stiviano not to engage in public with Black people or invite the Black community in to Clippers games. His remarks caused a lot of outrage and were clearly a violation of the values of inclusion that are held by the NBA and the wider public.

How did The NBA Respond?

The aftermath of the recording was quick and swift. Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner at the time, led an extensive investigation that resulted in Sterling receiving a lifelong exile by his position in the NBA and a massive $2.5 million fine. This is the maximum amount that can be imposed. Silver was also in a position to urge all other NBA club owners to support the idea of a compulsion to Sterling to buy the Clippers. The move was generally backed by the public as well as the media, which was a notable stand against racism within professional sport.

What Legal Actions Can You Take?

In the aftermath of the crisis, Rochelle Stein, Sterling’s wife, filed a lawsuit against Stiviano. Stein’s lawsuit claimed that Stiviano had received more than $2.5 million worth of gifts from Sterling that were derived by the couple’s community property, without Stein’s consent. The lawsuit revealed the complicated financial and personal relationships that exacerbated the legal and public story.


The controversy involving Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano not only ended a franchise’s career, but also ignited an broader discussion about ownership and race in sports. The commitment of the NBA to social justice and was an important point in the way the league dealt with personal conduct issues that involve the issue of racism. For Stiviano who is an important personage in this pivotal moment in the history of sports that symbolizes the complicated relationship between race and privacy with the power of America.

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