Did JB Mauney Break His Neck, What Happened to JB Mauney?

In a sport where bravery is a factor, very few names have been as shining like JB Mauney. But recent events have changed the direction of the professional career that was one of the most renowned bull riders in rodeo history. After sustaining a serious injury, and then surgery, JB Mauney has announced the end of his long and illustrious professional career in bull-riding.

What Happened to JB Mauney?

On the 6th of September, during the Lewiston (Idaho) Round-Up Division 2 Xtreme Bulls event, Mauney suffered a catastrophic accident. He was knocked off in the air by Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics bull Arctic Assassin, resulting in a fractured neck. This accident led to urgent surgery on the 8th of September in which doctors put in rods, screws and plates and removed the disc that was inserted into his neck.

How Severe Was the Injury?

The extent of the injury was serious enough to warrant prompt and extensive procedure. The decision of the surgical team to use a rod made of metal as well as a variety of screws and plates will indicate the seriousness of Mauney’s injuries. The removal of the disc highlights the seriousness of his condition at the time of.

What Was Mauney’s Career Like?

JB Mauney’s professional career has been anything but legendary. He is known for his courage and undisputed talents, Mauney has been a popular fan for many decades. His greatest moment in his career came in 2021 when he was selected to compete in the National Finals of Wrangler Rodeo. This is the highest level of rodeo competition. He made an unforgettable impression by being tied first in the first round by completing his 87.5-point ride on the Painted Pony Championship Rodeo’s horse Cocktail Diarrrhea.

What Does This Mean for the Sport?

The departure of JB Mauney signals the end of an period. His talent, charisma and determination have not just drawn a crowd but also inspired an entire new generations of athletes. The loss of his ride leaves a hole in the sport that will be felt in the arena as well as in the spectators.

What’s Next for JB Mauney?

Although his bull-riding days have come to an end however, the future has numerous potential for Mauney. His expertise and experience will make him an source of knowledge in many aspects of the rodeo from coaching and mentoring, to broadcasting and promotion activities.


The departure of JB Mauney is an important moment in the history of bull-riding professional. His professional career, which was marked by incredible highs and a fight for survival will be known as among the best and most notable in the history of the sport. Even though his riding days have been over, his impact in the field and the next generation of riders will be evident for years to come.

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