Dewanna Bonner Wife & What Is Her Relationship With Alyssa Thomas Unique?

Bonner made her mark on the WNBA as Phoenix Mercury selected her with their fifth overall pick in 2009. In her rookie season, Bonner played an instrumental part in helping win their inaugural championship victory and she quickly established herself with both scoring prowess and defensive prowess that quickly made an impression in games she participated. Four years later in 2014 she achieved another championship which further demonstrated both her growth as player as well as their vital roles on their respective teams.

Bonner’s Move to Connecticut Sun?

Bonner’s career took an important leap when she was traded from the Washington Mystics to Connecticut Sun for three first-round draft picks in February 2020. This move signaled their intent of building around her talents; since joining Connecticut Sun she has continued her outstanding performance by leading and experience to keep them competitive within their league with outstanding scoring averages and rebounding numbers that prove it.

What Are Bonner’s Notable Personal Achievements?

Bonnier has achieved much in life outside the basketball court as well, including taking time off during 2017 for her twin daughters’ birth – an event which served as an eye opener about life’s fragility, helping to open new perspectives to both her life and career – emphasizing its value by appreciating every moment more fully.

Are You Wondering How Bonner Has Balanced Motherhood and Professional Sports?

Balancing motherhood with professional athletics can be difficult to accomplish successfully; yet Bonner has done it with grace and resilience. Returning from her maternity leave after just eight weeks postpartum, not only did she return to form immediately postpregnancy but set new benchmarks, becoming a role model for athlete mothers across all sports disciplines. Her journey encapsulates both its challenges and its rewards of simultaneously managing personal commitments alongside demanding sports careers.

What Is Her Relationship With Alyssa Thomas Unique?

DeWanna Bonner and Alyssa Thomas‘ relationship has become an integral component of DeWanna Bonner’s personal life since they announced their engagement in 2023. Not only have they shared life off of and on-court together since 2023 – playing key roles with Connecticut Sun; additionally their bond creates teamwork, understanding, as reflected through on-court chemistry and game strategies resulting from this connection.


DeWanna Bonner’s career in the Women’s National Basketball Association is an outstanding display of resilience and commitment to basketball. Winning championships with Phoenix Mercury to leading Connecticut Sun and finding fulfillment personally along with professional success; Bonner continues to inspire and excel as she takes steps forward both professionally as well as personally with Alyssa Thomas as focal points on this incredible journey in sports.

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