Dewanna Bonner Twins, Get Complete Details

Candice Dupree and DeWanna Bonner are navigating uncharted territory as they balance the demands of parenthood and their professional basketball careers. Married in the fall of 2016, the couple became parents to twin girls, Cali and Demi, in July 2017. This summer of 2018 marks their first WNBA season as parents, presenting new challenges and dynamics for the veteran stars.

What Makes This WNBA Season Unique for Them?

This season stands out because it’s the first time Dupree and Bonner are playing on different teams since their marriage. Dupree, playing for the Indiana Fever, and Bonner, with the Phoenix Mercury, are no strangers to competing against each other overseas. However, the WNBA season’s condensed schedule, designed to accommodate the FIBA World Cup in September, adds pressure. The couple must balance rigorous travel, demanding game schedules, and their responsibilities as new parents.

How Do They Handle Childcare and Family Support?

The couple’s childcare strategy involves a robust support system. Both players have sisters assisting with childcare duties, and Dupree’s mother travels from Florida to help. This “all hands on deck” approach ensures their daughters are well-cared-for while they fulfill their professional commitments. Bonner highlights the comfort of knowing their children are with family, stating, “To have family with them, I feel like we don’t have to worry because we know they are in good hands.”

How Are Dupree and Bonner Coping with Time Apart?

Dupree and Bonner are accustomed to periods apart, having spent up to eight months separated while playing overseas. Yet, this season’s separation feels different due to their new roles as parents. FaceTime has become essential for maintaining family connections, though Dupree jokes that Bonner has the tougher end of the deal, saying, “She’s getting more sleep than I do.”

What Challenges Do They Face with the Condensed WNBA Schedule?

The tight WNBA schedule leaves little room for downtime. Last week, Bonner took a day to fly to Los Angeles to reunite with Dupree, marking their first meeting in nearly a month. Dupree acknowledges the arrangement’s difficulty, saying, “This can’t happen again. Either we find a way to get on the same team or something is going to have to happen, because this is difficult.”

How Are the Twins Adapting to Their Busy Lives?

Cali and Demi, now nearing their first birthday, are described as “pretty chill” but have struggled with sleep. Bonner hopes that longer stretches in one place will improve their routines. Despite the challenges, both girls are playful and cuddly, getting more mobile each day. Bonner cherishes their growth, even as she navigates the demands of parenthood and professional basketball.

What Are Their Plans for the Future?

While Dupree and Bonner avoid long-term plans, focusing instead on day-to-day survival, they are clear about one thing: the current juggling act is unsustainable. Dupree emphasizes the need for change, prioritizing their family alongside their basketball careers. As they approach the All-Star break and their daughters’ first birthday, both parents are committed to finding a better balance in the future.

Key Details Table

Marriage DateFall 2016
Children’s Birth DateJuly 2017
Children’s NamesCali and Demi
Current WNBA TeamsDupree (Indiana Fever), Bonner (Phoenix Mercury)
Support SystemSisters, Dupree’s mother
Unique ChallengesCondensed WNBA schedule, balancing travel and childcare
Coping MechanismsFaceTime, family support
Future PlansSeeking to play on the same team or change current arrangement


1. How do Dupree and Bonner handle childcare while playing in the WNBA? They rely on a strong support system, including family members who assist with childcare duties.

2. What makes this WNBA season unique for Dupree and Bonner? It’s their first season playing on different teams since their marriage, combined with the challenges of parenting twins.

3. How are the twins adapting to their parents’ busy schedules? The twins are described as playful and cuddly, though they have struggled with sleep routines due to frequent travel.

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