Dave Portnoy Divorce, Who is Dave’s ex-wife?

Renee Satterthwaite, better known by her nickname Renee Portnoy, was born May 5, 1987 in Abington, Massachusetts. Following the divorce of her parents at six, the impactful effect on Renee’s childhood left an indelible mark upon her. Raise by Sheryl (an experienced nurse), alongside Lauren, Renee found comfort and solace with animals such as horses – this early passion providing much comfort as well as setting an early path for future professional aspirations.

Educational and Equestrian Development

Renee began her educational and equestrian development journeys by enrolling at Boston University, from where she earned a degree in International Relations and Business. However, her equestrian passion began even earlier; at eight she discovered horseback riding and began competing in competitive events which not only gave her much joy but also strengthened discipline and commitment–values instilled by her father Dennis L. Satterthwaite, who served in the military himself.

Professional Ascension

Professional Ascension Its Renee began her professional journey at SmartPak, an equestrian products and services provider. Within six months of beginning her employment there, Renee quickly rose through the ranks as a senior buyer to Director of Merchandising; her achievements showcased both acute business acumen and an in-depth knowledge of the equestrian market. At SmartPak she found an opportunity to combine professional with personal interests into one role that allowed her to have a significant impactful influence in shaping equestrian communities worldwide.

The Barstool Connection

Renee Portnoy met Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports in 2005. Their relationship quickly blossomed into both personal and professional partnership before their marriage in 2009. Renee played an instrumental role in Barstool Sports’ growth and success – often being known as ‘First Lady of Barstool Nation.’ Her contributions behind-the-scenes helped transform Barstool into a prominent media entity.

Challenges and Advocacy

Although Renee achieved professional success, her personal life experienced challenges as well. Most notably was the publicized separation from Dave Portnoy in 2017. Her resilience shone through as she continued advocating for animal rights and welfare; one example being her founding of Renee Rescues on Nantucket dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs; this initiative shows her dedication to animal welfare while making tangible differences in abandoned pets’ lives.

Life Beyond Barstool

Renee has made her post-divorce life one filled with flourishing equestrian activities and advocacy for animal welfare, which has resulted in thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Through these platforms, Renee continues to raise awareness for animal rescue while sharing life’s joys and trials through horses – both professional outlets as well as personal retreats.


Renee Satterthwaite’s journey is an inspiring tale of passion, resilience and commitment to animal welfare. Beginning from her early days impacted by familial challenges to her significant contributions at Barstool Sports and beyond, Renee has proven her dedication to her passions: neglected animal advocacy as well as her success in both equestrian and business arenas are hallmarks of Renee’s dedication – both public and private spheres take notice. Renee stands as an inspiring figure who proves how personal interests can lead to professional achievements as well as living a fulfilling life.

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