Danielle Bernstein Boyfriend & How Did Danielle Bernstein Address Her Breakup?

Fashion influencer and designer Danielle Bernstein recently made headlines when she announced her sudden separation from Anthony Adler after four years together, shocking many followers who had watched their relationship progress over time. Bernstein shared her feelings regarding this breakup on her popular fashion blog and clothing line we Wore What in an emotional Instagram Story post shared April 24. In it she described their split as both painful and devastating while grieving over losing both best friend Adler as well as any future they had imagined together.

How Did Danielle Bernstein Address Her Breakup?

Danielle Bernstein took to social media in order to share her emotional turmoil surrounding the breakup with Adler, sharing that both parties were at “very different stages,” yet still “love each other deeply”. Bernstein wanted her followers to understand she wasn’t ready yet so would remain quiet about any further discussion at this time – her candid post illustrates both how many emotions are bubbling under the surface as well as her resolve in staying strong despite these difficulties.

What Were Key Moments in Their Relationship?

Bernstein and Adler began dating in January 2019 after initially meeting online. By August 2019 they had relocated together into a SoHo apartment in New York City. Over time they regularly shared milestones and personal moments from casual outings to major life milestones like birthdays with followers online; Bernstein even gave an interview about domestic life details including selecting a rug for their bedroom in October 2021 with Architectural Digest magazine.

What Is Danielle Bernstein Focusing On Now?

Since her divorce, Danielle Bernstein is dedicating herself to both business and philanthropy efforts. As founder of weWoreWhat (an umbrella brand featuring fashion lines, swimwear collections and activewear lines), as well as Moe Assist (an influencer tech platform). Although facing personal trials herself, Bernstein remains dedicated to her entrepreneurial ventures while moving ahead both professionally and personally in life.


Danielle Bernstein and Anthony Adler’s divorce marks an enormous life transition for fashion influencer Danielle Bernstein. While she adjusts to life post-Adler, Bernstein remains focused on both her career and charitable activities while facing her new normal with grace and dignity. Her experience highlights both the difficulty associated with public relationships as well as personal resilience required for moving on from such painful experiences – though their public nature requires resilience for recovery from difficult experiences in private relationships too. Bernstein promises her followers she’ll keep making strides forward even after any personal setbacks come her way despite any setbacks they might face themselves personally!

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