Daniel Kinahan Wife, Bio & Caoimhe Robinson and Property Transactions

Daniel Joseph Kinahan was born June 25, 1977, in Dublin Ireland and is well known worldwide for his involvement with organized crime – specifically as an suspected crime boss. Officially recognized by Ireland’s High Court of Ireland, Kinahan stands out as an outstanding global organized criminal.

What Is the Kinahan Cartel?

The Kinahan Organized Crime Group, more commonly referred to as the Kinahan Cartel, is an organized criminal enterprise known for smuggling illegal substances and firearms into Ireland, UK and mainland Europe through various channels. Their membership also extends across Asia, Middle East and South America where criminal activities take place through associates they maintain relationships with. A violent feud has arisen with rival Hutch Gang group since 2015 which has caused multiple fatalities between both factions since.

Current Legal Status of Daniel Kinahan?

As per recent reports, Daniel Kinahan is barred from entering the US due to being identified on a list compiled by FBI and DEA as “narco-terrorists.” Additionally, sanctions have been levied by OFAC of US Department of Treasury against him that restrict any property belonging to him within its financial system and prohibit American persons from dealing with him directly.

Kinahan’s Role in Boxing?

Kinahan remains an influential presence within boxing despite any criminal allegations made against him, founding MTK Global management firm for boxing management before officially departing it in 2017. According to reports, however, Kinahan remains active within the scene by organizing high-profile fights he arranges himself.

Caoimhe Robinson and Property Transactions?

Since she married Daniel Kinahan in 2017, Caoimhe Robinson has engaged in significant property deals. Though not listed on the U.S. Treasury Department sanctions list, leaks have revealed her activity in Dubai real estate – specifically purchasing and selling high-value apartments and villas located within exclusive communities.

Implications of Recent Developments?

Data leaks and investigative reports have shed light on Kinahan and his wife’s extensive real estate holdings and financial dealings, suggesting an elaborate network aimed at skirting legal or financial barriers. As a result, international pressure continues to build against Kinahan and his associates; further investigations and legal actions could follow suit.


Daniel Kinahan remains an icon both within the realms of organized crime and professional boxing and beyond them, Current Legal Status of Daniel Kinahan. Law enforcement authorities worldwide continue to scrutinize both his activities as well as those of his wife’s, particularly related to potential international crime networks or money laundering concerns arising from these transactions; legal battles, sanctions, and public outcry highlight the far-reaching influence and complexity of Kinahan Cartel activities.

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