Crazy Busy Mama Husband, Lori Conway’s Heartfelt Tribute to Late Husband Quintin

Lori Conway, known to many as the social media influencer ‘Crazy Busy Mama’, recently broke her silence about the devastating loss of her husband, Quintin Conway, who passed away suddenly in April of this year. The news has profoundly affected her and their four children, Fisher, Kale, Ella, and Lilly, who remember their father as a joyful and loving presence in their lives.

Lori, a mother of four, has been using her platform to share her journey through grief and to express her profound sense of loss. Over the weekend, she posted an emotional message on Instagram while sipping coffee from a mug that Quintin had given her. In her post, she urged her followers to “not take life for granted,” emphasizing the fragility and unpredictability of life.

Remembering Quintin

In her Instagram post, Lori described grief as “the loudest silence I have ever heard.” This poignant expression captured the deep emptiness she feels without Quintin. She thanked her late husband for leaving his “best part” in the form of their four children, who continue to bring her joy and comfort during this challenging time.

Quintin Conway was not only a beloved husband and father but also a successful businessman. As the owner of Hit Factory KC, he made a significant impact on his community. His sudden passing has left a void that is keenly felt by both his family and the many people whose lives he touched through his work and kindness.

Life After Quintin

Lori has been candid about how she is coping with the loss of her husband. In a video message, she described her life post-Quintin’s passing, highlighting the importance of keeping busy and finding solace in the presence of her children. “I realize that there will come a time when distraction will slow down and my life will become more naturally quiet, but until that day, I will feel blessed with the laughter and voices filling my home rather than the deafening silence,” she said.

She also acknowledged the “army” of people who have surrounded and supported her during this difficult time. This network of friends, family, and followers has provided much-needed strength and encouragement, helping Lori and her children navigate their grief.

Anniversary Reflection

The Conways would have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year, a milestone that Lori marked with another heartfelt post on Instagram. In her message, she reflected on their 31 years together and the love they shared. “Today would have been 25 years, but it’s not 💔ONE piece of advice that will ultimately CHANGE your marriage for the better!!” she wrote, offering wisdom to her followers about the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Lori’s advice to embrace all seasons of life, including the chaotic and challenging ones, resonates deeply with her audience. She emphasized the need to appreciate time and make the most of every opportunity, a lesson she has learned through her own experience of loss.

Moving Forward

As Lori and her children continue to adjust to life without Quintin, they are making a concerted effort to honor his memory and move forward. The support from their community has been invaluable, providing a sense of connection and comfort during this time of profound grief.

Lori’s openness about her journey through loss has touched many of her followers, offering them a glimpse into the realities of grief and the strength it takes to carry on. Her ability to share her vulnerability while also providing inspiration and advice highlights the resilience and courage that define her as both a mother and an influencer.

Embracing Life

In her latest message to her followers, Lori emphasized the importance of embracing time in all its forms. She encouraged her audience to value every moment, whether it is filled with joy or challenges. Her words serve as a powerful reminder of the preciousness of life and the need to live it fully, despite the inevitable difficulties that arise.

The Conway family is determined to overcome their loss, drawing strength from each other and the memories of Quintin. Lori’s journey through grief, shared openly with her followers, continues to inspire and provide solace to those who may be facing similar challenges. Her message of resilience, love, and appreciation for life stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the human heart.

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