Cody Rigsby Boyfriend & How Does Cody Rigsby Approach Relationships?

Cody Rigsby has become an admired force in the fitness world since emerging as an engaging Peloton instructor and competitor on “Dancing With the Stars.” His infectious enthusiasm and relatable persona not only make workout sessions enjoyable but have created an amazing community among his followers. Cody’s experience performing alongside celebrities like Katy Perry greatly influence his lively, captivating teaching approach.

How Has Cody Rigsby Impacted Fitness World?

Cody Rigsby brings something refreshingly original to fitness: his approach emphasizes enjoyment and self-care over rigorous discipline. This philosophy resonates deeply with his audience and earned him fame among Peloton instructors; participants flocked to Peloton during pandemic outbreaks because participants enjoyed having fun alongside fitness routines under Rigsby’s instruction – this popularity skyrocketed owing to him becoming known as the “King of Quarantine Workouts.”

Cody Rigsby Has Overcome Difficulties?

In spite of his youthful exterior, Cody has overcome various personal obstacles over time; these included his mother’s battles with addiction and mental health concerns as he was growing up, experiences which informed his compassionate teaching style and advocacy work for mental health awareness. Cody openly discusses these experiences through his memoir XOXO Cody in hopes that other readers facing difficulties are inspired and comforted through similar stories.

Who is Cody Rigsby’s Partner?

Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro met through fitness classes held at Barry’s Bootcamp in New York. Though initially kept private, their relationship has since blossomed into one that’s become one of Cody’s central features in her public persona – as evidenced through their social media posts documenting personal and professional events together.

How Does Cody Rigsby Approach Relationships?

In his book, Cody Rigsby addresses the significance of self-love and personal growth for creating healthy relationships. According to him, understanding and nurturing oneself are fundamental aspects of forging meaningful bonds with others – his partnership with Alfaro as an exemplar exemplifies this theory; both support each other’s careers and personal goals while sharing respectful, love-based bonds between themselves.

What’s Next for Cody Rigsby?

Cody continues to expand his influence beyond fitness; his future projects may include more personal development books or initiatives related to mental health and wellness advocacy, driven by both his experiences as an advocate himself as well as a strong desire to help others be their best selves.


Cody Rigsby has found success as both a dancer and fitness guru/public figure through perseverance and genuine interest in enriching lives. His journey encompasses more than physical fitness; his story encompasses personal challenges like depression and loss as well as cultivating meaningful relationships and self-love. As Cody shares his life lessons through dance workshops or his public appearances, Cody remains a beacon of positivity within fitness circles worldwide and inspires many individuals towards healthier and happier lifestyles.

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