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Claire Saffitz, known for her calm demeanor and meticulous baking skills, has become a household name for baking enthusiasts across the globe. Despite her extensive experience, she admits to still feeling a tinge of nervousness about her recipes. “I don’t really get anxious, but sometimes there is that sort of tinge of, ‘Well, I hope this turns out,'” she says. This sentiment comes after the success of her two New York Times best-selling cookbooks, “Dessert Person” and “What’s for Dessert” (Clarkson Potter). “I’ve had a lot of recipes not turn out. I know it’s a cliché, but you learn so much more from the mistakes than from the successes. I’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.”

A Teaching Approach to Baking

Claire’s journey into the world of baking was unexpected. As a child, she never imagined herself becoming an internet baking star. “I’m not in any way a natural performer. I don’t really like that feeling of being looked at or seen or watched or anything. So, it feels very unlikely that this is now what I find myself doing,” she shares. However, her love for teaching has made video the perfect medium. “Video is by far the best format for teaching people about baking. You can write the most precise recipe ever created and it’s still not going to be as descriptive as just showing someone how to do it.”

Saffitz’s YouTube channel, with over a million subscribers, is a testament to her ability to demystify baking and make it accessible. Her videos serve as a practical guide for both novice and experienced bakers. “I try to really demystify the process and make it less scary for people,” she says. Her approach is to encourage viewers to take small risks and embrace the learning process, reminding them that even mistakes can be valuable.

Crafting Cookbooks with Precision

Creating a cookbook is a labor-intensive process, especially for someone as meticulous as Saffitz. “A cookbook is like an ultra-marathon, it is such a long process and it requires quite a bit of stamina,” she explains. Unlike other types of recipes, baking requires precise measurements and techniques, making the development process more challenging. “With baking, you have to wait for it to bake and then wait for it to cool and then troubleshoot and then try again.”

Her first book, “Dessert Person,” aimed to cater to bakers of all skill levels with a variety of recipes. In contrast, “What’s for Dessert” focuses more on simplicity. “It is sort of a big jigsaw puzzle and each recipe is a piece; you’re trying to fit them together to make something that looks cohesive.”

Balancing Traditional and Digital Media

Despite her success on YouTube, Saffitz still values traditional media. “I still feel like I have one foot in the more traditional media realm of magazines and publications, which is great because I also love to write,” she says. Her background in food media and formal education, including culinary school and a brief stint in culinary history, have provided her with a solid foundation. “Media became that perfect middle ground of I can still write, but I can still be in the kitchen.”

Saffitz’s presence on YouTube has allowed her to reach a broader audience. “There are different audiences; the YouTube audience is definitely different than the New York Times audience,” she notes. This dual approach has given her the flexibility to explore different aspects of her craft while reaching diverse communities.

Staying Grounded Amidst Fame

Despite her fame, Saffitz remains humble and approachable. She receives numerous questions from fans and tries to be as helpful as possible. However, she admits that some questions can be overwhelming. “I have on more than one occasion, probably a handful of occasions, looked at comments or DMs that have said, ‘Claire, I have a question. I’m in the aisle of the grocery store. Which kind of chocolate should I buy?’ And I’m just sort of like, I’m not like a hotline for baking.”

Saffitz’s ability to connect with her audience is evident in her interactions. She emphasizes the importance of building confidence in the kitchen and encourages her viewers to experiment and learn from their experiences. “I really try to encourage people to take small risks and to do something that makes them feel a little bit uncomfortable because when that thing does turn out, it’s like a triumph.”

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Saffitz is excited about exploring new baking projects and expanding her repertoire. “There are certain types of breads that I’d love to really dive into. A lot of enriched yeasted things. The whole sourdough realm, I think there’s just so much to explore and to learn.”

Whether through her YouTube channel or her cookbooks, Claire Saffitz continues to inspire bakers around the world. Her dedication to teaching and her willingness to share her own mistakes make her a relatable and trusted figure in the world of baking. As she puts it, “I’m here to be your guide, and to hopefully be a comfort and a reassuring presence.”

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