Charlie Hunnam Wife & What Are Hunnam and McNelis’ Views on Marriage?

Morgana McNelis is more than just Charlie Hunnam’s partner; she’s also an esteemed jewelry designer and dedicated philanthropist. While Hunnam may lead an active acting life, McNelis prefers living a quieter existence that allows her to focus more fully on her craft and charitable works. Together Hunnam and McNelis have formed an amazing partnership which balances privacy needs with professional pursuits.

What Fuels McNelis in Her Jewelry Designing Career?

At Maison de Morgana, McNelis crafts pieces reflecting an eclectic aesthetic designed for “daydreamers & make-believers”. Her creations, which range from brass rings and white bronze necklaces to elegant choker necklaces have not only won over a broad audience but have even graced celebrities such as Zac Efron and Troian Bellisario as their accessories of choice! McNelis’ passion for design shines through in each design piece she creates; art meets wearable fashion in each design piece designed by McNelis’ passion.

How Does McNelis Contribute to Philanthropy?

McNelis’s commitment to philanthropy is strong; her focus has largely been on supporting Maasai women living in Kenya through Naretoi non-profit organization and other initiatives including organizing food donations during COVID-19 pandemic as well as education programs and food drives. Her involvement extends far beyond fashion industry confines demonstrating her dedication towards making meaningful differences in lives of others.

McNelis and Hunnam Prefer a Private Lifestyle?

McNelis and Hunnam remain notable exceptions among celebrities today for opting to keep their personal lives out of public view, something rare among celebrity culture. By choosing this path they demonstrate that they want their relationship free from outside influence by prioritizing nurturing it without external pressures such as media scrutiny. Their low profile lifestyle speaks volumes for both parties’ dedication to each other while upholding simple yet authentic principles as mutual values.

How Do They Manage Life on a Farm?

In search of a simpler, more eco-conscious life, McNelis and Hunnam have purchased a ranch in California where they engage in farming activities as an oasis in nature – providing an escape from Hollywood’s chaos! Their farm not only functions as their residence but is an expression of their environmental awareness as an area where they can practice sustainable principles of living.

What Are Hunnam and McNelis’ Views on Marriage?

Although Hunnam and McNelis have been living together for more than 10 years without officially getting married yet, Hunnam sees their relationship as embodying all of the hallmarks of marriage, with emotional commitment over formal legal recognition taking priority over formal recognition as part of modern relationships. This represents Hunnam’s modern approach to relationships where emotions come first rather than formal legal documents being required as proof.

How Can They Support Each Other’s Careers?

Trust and respect form the bedrock of Hunnam and McNelis’ relationship. McNelis supports Hunnam’s acting career while Hunnam actively endorses McNelis’ jewelry design career; similarly she often wears pieces from McNelis’ collection when attending events featuring McNelis as jewelry designer. Their strong bond extends far beyond personal sacrifices or public endorsements to illustrate its depth.

Conclusion: What Can We Learn from Their Relationship?

Morgana McNelis and Charlie Hunnam’s marriage illustrates how couples can lead separate but fulfilling lives while managing successful careers together. Their story of mutual respect, support, and shared commitment to authentic living has proven inspirational throughout their relationship’s ups and downs, showing the value in maintaining love away from public view while nurturing it within private – ultimately showing us all that lasting bonds must first form within private spaces before being seen outside –

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