Catarina Miranda Big Brother, Explore All Details

Catarina Miranda, a contestant on “Big Brother 2024,” faced expulsion on the night of Thursday, May 16, during a “Special” episode hosted by Cláudio Ramos. The incident that led to her removal involved an angry outburst during lunch, resulting in a dangerous situation for her fellow contestants.

The Incident at Lunch

The drama unfolded when Miranda, from Almeirim, became angry with João Oliveira during a meal. In a fit of rage, she got up from the table and threw a glass on the floor. The broken glass caused shrapnel to fly, hitting Gabriel Sousa’s arm and eye. The injury required immediate attention from the production’s nurse, who administered serum to Sousa’s eye and treated a small wound.

Immediate Reactions

Despite the incident, Miranda initially believed she would not be expelled. In a conversation with fellow contestant David Maurício, she expressed her confidence that she would remain in the competition. However, her actions had already sparked significant controversy among the housemates and the audience.

Gabriel Sousa, though injured, apologized to Miranda, who assured him tearfully that she had not intended to hurt him. However, João Oliveira voiced his concerns about safety, stating he did not feel secure in an environment where glasses could be broken and potentially cause blindness. Oliveira also threatened to take legal action against Miranda.

Isolation and Reflection

Following the incident, Miranda isolated herself from the rest of the group. Inês Morais confronted her, emphasizing the seriousness of her actions. Miranda’s response was defensive; she claimed she had merely reacted after enduring pressure for a year and a half. She insisted that anyone in her position might have reacted worse.

In a further conversation with Maurício, Miranda defended her actions, stating her conscience was clear. She argued that she did not intentionally hurt anyone, pointing out that while others might resort to physical violence, she had only thrown a glass on the floor. She expressed a lack of remorse, suggesting that if Gabriel was injured, it was her responsibility.

Denial of Consequences

Miranda remained convinced that she would not face expulsion. She argued that if she were to be expelled, then Oliveira should also be expelled for his behavior. Miranda believed her actions did not warrant expulsion since she had not directly thrown the glass at anyone. Her confidence in remaining in the competition was misplaced, as the production team decided otherwise.

Official Decision and Aftermath

Despite her belief, Catarina Miranda’s actions led to her expulsion from “Big Brother 2024.” The decision was influenced by the severity of the incident and the potential danger it posed to other contestants. Her removal from the show served as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment within the competition.

The expulsion was met with mixed reactions. Some viewers and contestants supported the decision, emphasizing the need for accountability and safety. Others, however, felt that Miranda’s actions were a momentary lapse in judgment rather than a habitual behavior, and therefore did not merit such a severe consequence.

A Lesson in Responsibility

Miranda’s expulsion from “Big Brother 2024” highlights the consequences of aggressive behavior and the importance of emotional regulation. In high-pressure environments like reality TV shows, contestants are constantly scrutinized, and their actions have significant repercussions. The incident serves as a lesson in responsibility, demonstrating that actions, even in moments of anger, can have serious implications.


Catarina Miranda’s journey on “Big Brother 2024” ended abruptly due to an incident that showcased the potential dangers of unchecked aggression. Her belief that she would avoid expulsion, despite the severity of her actions, underscores the complexity of human behavior under stress. The decision to expel Miranda was rooted in the need to maintain a safe environment for all contestants, highlighting the importance of accountability in reality TV settings.

This episode of “Big Brother 2024” serves as a cautionary tale for future contestants, emphasizing the need for self-control and the consequences of failing to uphold the standards of conduct expected in such competitive environments. As the show continues, the incident with Miranda will likely be a point of reflection for both the audience and participants, reinforcing the need for respect and safety in all interactions.

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