Cassie Husband, What Happened in the 2016 Incident?

In a shocking incident an unsettling video from the year 2016 emerged showing a brutal confrontation between Casandra “Cassie” Ventura along with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles. The video, released by CNN shows Combs in a heated exchange when he is seen to physically attack Ventura. The incident is recorded on surveillance footage in which Combs dressed in towels and a towel, chases Ventura through a hallway in a hotel and holds Ventura by her neck and then throws her on the ground and then kicks her. The incident ends with Combs getting her bag and purse.

How Has Alex Fine Responded?

Alex Fine, Ventura’s husband expressed his condolences and thoughts with victims of violence in the wake of the release of the video. His message of support for the survivors, highlighting that it is crucial to believe in their stories and making sure they are safe. Fine’s speech also included apology to women and children who feel unsafe as well as unequal. He declared his wish to bring his daughters into the world where they feel secure and loved.

What Are the Legal Implications of the Video?

The video’s release is in line with allegations Ventura had made about Combs in the lawsuit filed in November 2023. Ventura claimed Combs of sexual assault, sexual trafficking, domestic violence, and rape in a detailed account of incidents that paralleled the hotel fight of 2016. The lawsuit was eventually later settled, Combs’ attorney, Ben Brafman, stated that the settlement did not constitute an admission of wrongdoing. The video supports the claims of Ventura in her suit which could strengthen her assertions on the basis of opinion polls, even if not legally legal.


The public release of this video has provoked new debates about women’s treatment in the industry of entertainment and the responsibility of those who have large influence in the public arena. The legal process and the public reaction will change as more people are aware of the issue and the consequences. It is essential to continue providing support for those affected and the collective effort towards an equitable, safer society.

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