Carlo Aquino Wife: All The Wedding Details Here

Carlo Aquino Wife: Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon, two beloved stars in the Philippines, finally tied the knot in an incredible private ceremony held at a remote resort in Silang, Cavite. Fans and media alike were taken aback at this unexpected wedding which took place without prior announcement and managed to pull off an intimate garden wedding attended by close family, friends, as well as prominent executives from ABS-CBN and Star Magic networks.

How Did Carlo and Charlie Keep Their Wedding a Secret?

Carlo and Charlie took great care to keep their nuptials under wraps until the big reveal was made public via ABS-CBN News, thus surprising fans who had no inkling they were engaged or engaged at all! Their level of privacy added an air of mystery and romance that only added more meaning and romance to this eventful ceremony.

Who Attended the Secret Garden Wedding?

Charlie’s Secret Garden Wedding hosted an impressive guest list, including fellow Star Magic talents. Charlie was outfitted for her big day by celebrated designer Steph Tan; makeup artist Marben Talanay added finishing touches. Sue Ramirez served as Charlie’s maid of honor since they previously collaborated in “A Soldier’s Heart.”

What Are the Aesthetic Details of This Wedding?

Stylist Dave Sandoval shared that the wedding theme featured blush pink and pastel colors to create a romantic indoor garden atmosphere. Decor included a mirrored walkway lined with symmetrical floral arrangements in keeping with the bride’s favorite hues; this thoughtful styling made this ceremony not only visually stunning but also an accurate representation of both parties’ tastes and preferences.

How Was the Event Documented?

Myio Okamoto Photography’s expert wedding photography skills ensured every moment from serene settings to joyful celebrations was beautifully documented by their lenses; creating lasting memories for Carlo and Charlie that they will treasure always.

What Was Charlie and Carlo’s Wedding Attendant Like, with Their Roles?

Carlo had many notable people surrounding him on his special day – Kaila Estrada, Adrian Lindayag and Belle Mariano were just three bridesmaids; among her close friends Ketchup Eusebio and Ramon Bautista served as groomsmen, lending support on his special day. Loisa Andalio played key roles including candle bearer; Elisse Joson managed the veil while Alexa Ilacad provided cord at the altar – while Ketchup Eusebio and Ramon Bautista were two close friends who stood by Carlo on this special day – Ketchup Eusebio stood alongside Carlo on this memorable eventful day – Ketchup Eusebio stood beside Ramon Bautista provided support on Carlo’s special day too.

What Did Carlo and Charlie Have to Say About Their Relationship?

Carlo and Charlie have kept a low profile regarding their personal lives, yet their decision to settle speaks volumes about the strength of their bond. After several failed relationships, Charlie has emerged as Carlo’s endgame; their journey from co-stars in “Third World Romance” to life partners is testament to this strong tie.

What Was Their Role In Their Celebrations?

Their wedding celebration coincided with an impressive professional achievement for Charlie; she won Best Actress at the 47th Gawad Urian Awards – providing yet another source of happiness to their celebrations and her award, which she described as her “best present,” at their wedding reveal reveal, marking an experience filled with personal and professional fulfillment.


What Lies Ahead for Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon‘s Newlyweds? Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon’s secret wedding marks not only the start of their marital journey, but also sets an extraordinary standard in celebrity privacy and elegance. As they navigate their new life together, the public can expect that same level of grace and discretion that has defined their relationship thus far. Their strong foundation provides mutual support that has only continued to draw hearts closer together as fans witness their amazing story from screen to real life!

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