Carlo Aquino Wedding: Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon’s Secret Wedding

Carlo Aquino Wedding: Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon managed the near impossible: pulling off a surprise wedding. On June 9 at a private resort in Silang, Cavite–first reported by ABS-CBN News–they surprised both fans and media alike by making this announcement with complete secrecy and suddenness, providing delighting surprises to both audiences. Their wish for privacy and intimacy during these personal milestones proved truly evident by this move.

Who Was Attending Their Wedding?

Their wedding was nothing less than glamorous, attended by prominent figures from both the entertainment industry and beyond. ABS-CBN president and CEO Carlo Katigbak was present, along with COO for broadcast Cody Vidanes, board member Charo Santos-Concio, Star Magic head Laurenti Dyogi and Star Magic head Laurenti Dyogi; with stars such as Maricel Soriano and Vilma Santos-Recto as well as political figures Bong Revilla and Lani Mercado attending. All this attests to how esteemed the couple are among their peers within Philippine showbiz!

What Were the Highlights of the Ceremony?

The garden setting provided an idyllic setting for this beautiful ceremony. Wedding photographer Myio Okamoto captured many exquisite moments, such as Charlie’s dramatic entrance in her Steph Tan-designed gown featuring a halter neckline and full skirt; Carlo perfectly complimented his bride wearing classic black suit and tie. Social media posts from this celebration circulated quickly as guests shared snapshots and videos with everyone online so everyone could witness such an joyous celebration first-hand.

Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon wedding June 9 2024

How Did Their Friends Contribute to the Event?

mes Their friends’ participation at their event was a testimony of their strong ties within their industry. Sue Ramirez, Belle Mariano, Kaila Estrada, Loisa Andalio, Elisse Joson, Alexa Ilacad shared touching moments online; Ketchup Eusebio and Ramon Bautista stood as groomsmen, lending an intimate feel. Elisse Joson captured the essence of the day with an Instagram Story captioned with “Loooove,” while Alexa Ilacad posted a video celebrating newlyweds newlyweds.

What Made Their Wedding Special?

In addition to a star-studded guest list and stunning venue, personal touches were evident throughout Carlo and Jen’s ceremony. Carlo teased fans by posting a pre-nuptial photo to Instagram, with captioned promises of meeting life’s challenges with laughter and love. Their French bulldog also made an appearance, symbolizing their growing family journey – these elements displayed both of their personalities as well as life outside the screen.

How Has Carlo and Charlie’s Relationship Evolved Over Time?

Carlo and Charlie’s romance has captivated fans since its initial discovery. First seen together at La Union in early 2023, months later Charlie confirmed their relationship. Since their initial outings to declared companionship and eventually marriage have only deepened as proof of their commitment.

What Projects Will Carlo and Charlie Take On Together?

Their marriage not only unites Carlo and Charlie romantically, but professionally as well. Both parties have expressed an interest in collaborating on future projects to further cement their standing as powerhouse couples within Philippine entertainment.

Conclusion: What Does Carlo and Charlie’s Wedding Mean for Them?

Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon‘s surprise wedding marks not only an important personal milestone but also their desire to navigate both public and private lives on their terms. By keeping their special day a surprise, Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon managed to share it authentically as part of their personalities – promising more heartwarming and genuine moments throughout both professional and personal lives as they move into this new chapter together.

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