Candace Parker Wife, How Did Candace Parker and Anna Petrakova Meet?

Candace Parker and Anna Petrakova’s journey from being teammates to becoming spouses is a tale of love blossoming into friendship. The two first met in 2012, when Petrakova was a part of UMMC Ekaterinburg, a premier women’s basketball club in Russia. At the time, Parker, a seasoned player with the Women’s National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Sparks, was already a member of the team, and playing abroad throughout this WNBA off-season. Their relationship developed from a friendship that grew into a relationship that was romantic throughout the years.

What Are Their Athletic Backgrounds?

Each of Parker along with Petrakova have impressive resumes in their sports. Parker is known for her ability to play in a variety of ways and her athleticism, has been a major player in women’s basketball and has won two WNBA MVP awards and numerous All-Star nominations. However her basketball roots are just as in the ground. She was raised in a family that was passionate about the game as the father of her, Viktor Petrakov, was an outstanding athlete for CSKA Moscow and the Soviet Union’s national team. Petrakova her own self has contributed major achievements in Russian women’s basketball, winning an award for the best player of the year title during the Russian Premier League in 2015.

How Have Their Careers Influenced Their Relationship?

The common experiences of professional sports have created a special connection that binds Parker as well as Petrakova. Their knowledge of the pressures and demands that come with playing at the highest level has made them to support one another in and out of the court. Respect and mutual support has been a key element in their relationship, and has provided an enduring foundation for their families.

What Is Their Family Life Like?

Candace Parker and Anna Petrakova have a wonderful family. Parker was who was previously engaged to NBA player Shelden Williams is the mother of a daughter named Lailaa Nicole, who was born from that marriage. The couple’s dedication to their family was shown when they announced that they were planning to have their 3rd child by the month of December 2023. The announcement, which was made through an Instagram post that featured basketball-themed photos with their entire family, was timed to coincide with their fourth anniversary of marriage and made the day more memorable.

What Values Do They Instill in Their Children?

Parker and Petrakova aren’t just friends and athletes, they are also committed parents who stress the importance of self-expression and authenticity. Parker often reflects her philosophy of parenting, highlighting the importance of educating the daughter she loves to be proud of her own identity and to stand up on behalf of herself and to stand up for the people she cherishes. This is an expression of Parker’s personal values that she abides by in setting an example for her children.


Candace Parker and Anna Petrakova’s relationship is an illustration of the power of friendship, love and respect for each other. From their first encounter as teammates, to their eventual transition into parents and life partners They have negotiated the challenges of life with a sense of humor and grit. Their story isn’t just about their accomplishments in basketball, but also the building of an enduring and happy family.

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