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In the Los Angeles Clippers’ era known as “Lob City” was a thrilling time that was characterized by soaring dunks and a renewed belief in an organization that had been largely ostracized by their city opponents and the Lakers. At the center of this period was Blake Griffin and Chris Paul one of NBA’s most elite stars whose teamwork on the court was a source of enthusiasm, but fell short of glory in the championship. Recent remarks made by Blake Griffin shed new light on the dynamics with Chris Paul as well as providing more insight into their relationship as well as the story that Lob City’s demise has created.

What did Blake Griffin Say About His Relationship with Chris Paul?

Blake Griffin, in his appearance on FanDuel’s Run it Back show, spoke about the relationship that he had between former colleagues, which included Chris Paul. According to Griffin the team had conflict on the court, they didn’t extend beyond the court. He pointed out that the narrative in the media often tends to be dramatic, implying that there are interpersonal dramas in which there could be a sense of competitive tension. “It’s all about love following the match, however in the game, not so much,” Griffin explained, noting that the intense nature of professional sport can often alter the public’s perceptions of relationships between players.

How did Griffin and Paul Have an Impact on the Clippers?

The addition to the Clippers of Chris Paul to the Clippers in the year 2011, alongside the young and promising Blake Griffin, marked the beginning of the Lob City era. Their chemistry on the court was evident which led to some greatest basketball moments throughout their tenure. The era of the Clippers not only regenerated the Clippers fans but also drastically affected the team’s standing within the NBA changing their status from being a perennial underachievers into serious contenders for the playoffs.

Despite their success, which included multiple playoff appearances, and making records in franchise history in wins failed to advance beyond to the semifinals of their conference. The inability of them to win an NBA title has often been the focus of discussions on their legacy. But, the recent comments of Griffin suggest that focusing on this particular aspect could miss the larger effect they made on Clippers team’s culture and franchise.

Was Griffin and Paul’s relationship impact Their performance?

Although Griffin admits there tensions in the courtroom, he clarifies that they were not a result of a spillover into the outside world. The rivalry between Paul and Paul often resulted in clashes however these disputes weren’t personal in nature and were a result of their determination to succeed. This distinction is vital to understand why Lob City did not achieve its goal, not due to failures in personal relationships, but due to other unforeseen and professional obstacles.


The story that Blake Griffin and Chris Paul’s tensions led to the demise of Lob City is, according to Griffin his sources, an exaggerated version of the reality. As often happens, is likely to be more complicated. Their competition on the court was a double-edged weapon that helped the team reach higher heights, but could also be a factor in stressful situations in which the team failed. However the case, both players played crucial roles in shaping the Clippers their identity and laid the foundation for the team long following their defections.

Understanding the nature that are at play in Lob City requires acknowledging the issues and contributions of Griffin and Paul while not restricting their story to conflict between people. As Griffin suggests, the actual story isn’t just about relationships, but rather the transformation of a whole franchise thanks to actions of most important players.

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