Bini Colet Age, P-Pop’s Binibinis in Full Bloom

Formed through Star Hunt Academy (SHA) under ABS-CBN, BINI emerged as a powerhouse P-Pop girl group after rigorous training from 2018 to 2020. The group, composed of eight talented young women, derives its name from the Filipino word “binibini,” symbolizing the modern Filipina—charming, fierce, independent, and informed. Each member, aged 19 to 23, brings a unique flair, making BINI a vibrant ensemble.


Maraiah Queen Arceta, known artistically as Aiah, is the group’s Main Rapper, Visual, and Sub-vocalist. Born on January 27, 2001, she is 23 years old. Standing at 168 centimeters, her favorite color is black. Aiah delights in swimming and drawing. Despite an unsuccessful audition for Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) in 2018, her persistence caught the eye of Star Hunt’s managers, leading her to join the SHA training program. Dancing remains her favorite discipline at the academy.


Nicolette Vergara, or Colet, serves as the Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper, and Lead Dancer of BINI. Born on September 14, 2001, she is 22 years old and stands 165 centimeters tall. Colet’s favorite color is black. She enjoys singing, dancing, and reading. Her knack for songwriting reflects her introspective nature. Colet’s favorite subject at Star Hunt Academy is singing, which has been central to her artistic journey. Her sense of responsibility and orderliness earned her the title of “TRASH-urer” among SHA trainees.


Gweneth Apuli, the group’s Lead Rapper and Lead Vocalist, was born on June 19, 2003, and is 20 years old. She is 168 centimeters tall, with pink and black as her favorite colors. Gwen, the youngest of five siblings, has a penchant for spicy food, pepperoni pizza, and ice cream, though she dislikes peanuts. Her interests include collecting heels and exploring make-up artistry. Despite being evicted early from PBB Otso Batch 3 in 2019, Gwen’s talents led her to the Star Hunt Academy, where her singing prowess flourished.


Jhoanna Christine Robles, known as Jhoanna, is the Leader, Lead Rapper, and Lead Vocalist of BINI. Born on January 26, 2004, she is 20 years old and stands 168 centimeters tall. Her favorite colors are white, black, and mustard yellow. As an only child, Jhoanna found joy in music and food, particularly mojos and fries. A consistent honor student, she has been a majorette, a lyrist, a guitarist, and a school officer. Her special talent is news reporting, and she also showcased her acting skills in the ABS-CBN teleserye Kadenang Ginto (2018) on MMK.


Mary Loi Yves Ricalde, known as Maloi, is BINI’s Main Vocalist. Born on May 27, 2002, she is 21 years old and stands 163 centimeters tall. Her favorite colors are black, white, and light pink. Maloi is an ardent fan of Korean Dramas (K-Dramas), which inspire her musically. Her journey to the spotlight began unexpectedly when she accompanied her younger sister to the Star Hunt Academy auditions. This serendipitous turn led her to rekindle her passion for singing. Fellow trainees affectionately call her the “Rice President” due to her impressive appetite.


Mikhaela Janna Lim, or Mikha, is BINI’s Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, and Visual. Born on November 8, 2003, she is 20 years old and stands 162 centimeters tall. Her favorite colors are black and red. Originally from Cebu, Mikha’s journey took her across the Philippines, residing in various cities before settling in Quezon City. An avid sports enthusiast, she loves sleeping and immersing herself in K-Dramas and anime. Despite two years of cheerdancing experience, she initially felt unprepared for BINI’s dance demands.


Sheena Mae Catacutan, the youngest member of BINI, was born on May 9, 2004, making her 19 years old. She stands 165 centimeters tall, with purple and black as her favorite colors. Hailing from Santiago City, Isabela, Sheena’s talents were showcased nationally through the Most One Ted Dance Group (M1T) and the Star Hunt Grand Audition. She became a top finalist in PBB Otso Batch 3 in 2019 alongside Gwen. Sheena loves the arts, has a sweet tooth, and is dedicated to dancing.


Stacey Aubrey Sevilleja, the group’s Main Rapper, Sub-vocalist, and Lead Dancer, was born on July 13, 2003, and is 20 years old. She stands 168 centimeters tall and her favorite color is pink. Stacey blends her love for make-up, natural flair for modeling, and passion for dance into her career.


BINI represents the modern Filipina, bringing together a diverse array of talents and backgrounds. Their journey through Star Hunt Academy has honed their skills and shaped them into a formidable force in the P-Pop industry. Each member’s unique story and dedication to their craft contribute to the group’s dynamic presence, making BINI a symbol of charm, fierceness, independence, and informed artistry.

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