Amanda Kloots Husband & What have been the wider impacts of Nick Cordero’s story?

Nick Cordero was a legendary Broadway actor renowned for his charismatic stage presence and powerful performances. Born September 17, 1978 in Hamilton Ontario Canada, his Broadway credits included roles such as Bullets Over Broadway (for which he received a Tony Award nomination), Waitress and A Bronx Tale. Unfortunately his life took an untimely turn after contracting COVID-19 in March 2020; following an extremely challenging fight that resulted in severe complications, Cordero tragically passed away July 5, 2020.

What happened on the day Nick Cordero was hospitalized?

On March 30, 2020 – in the middle of an escalating COVID-19 pandemic – Amanda Kloots experienced one of her toughest days yet as she brought Nick Cordero to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for treatment. Reminiscing back then on Instagram, Kloots expressed deep regret at having limited time to express herself more freely due to Cordero’s sudden and severe illness which ultimately turned into months-long battle against this virus.

How has Amanda Kloots responded to her grief?

Amanda Kloots, fitness instructor and co-host of The Talk has handled her loss with remarkable openness and strength. Utilizing social media as a forum, Kloots documented Cordero’s health struggles alongside her own emotional journey; building up a community of support. Initiatives such as singing along to “Wake Up Nick” during his coma uplifted him while completion of “Not Far Away” served as tributes.

What lessons has Amanda shared through her experience?

Kloots often speaks out about life being unpredictable and cherishing every moment with loved ones, reflecting a keen understanding of grief’s intricacies as well as personal growth from pain. Through it all she has come to embrace life more fully while advocating expressing affection freely and often.

How has Amanda Kloots honored Nick Cordero’s legacy?

Above and beyond social media tributes and personal reflection, Amanda Kloots has taken substantial steps to commemorate Cordero. In partnership with Anna Kloots, she co-wrote a memoir entitled Live Your Life that details his life story including their romance, his battle against COVID-19 disease as well as insight into his character and their shared values. In addition, Kloots is involved with charity work as well as creative projects which keep Cordero alive like posthumously releasing some of his music after his passing.

What have been the wider impacts of Nick Cordero’s story?

Nick Cordero’s ordeal shed light on the devastating impacts of COVID-19 pandemic and brought attention to healthcare workers during its outbreak. Through telling his tale through Kloots’ account of events, it provided humanity to statistics and headlines as it put faces and lives to numbers globally experienced during it’s spread.


Amanda Kloots’ resilience and strength during her grief journey after the loss of Nick Cordero are an inspiration to many others navigating similar losses and recoveries. Through public sharing and private initiatives, Amanda keeps Cordero’s memory alive while offering aid and hope for others navigating loss and healing paths alike. Her journey serves as a potent testament to love’s healing powers as well as community support that’s been crucial in facing down difficult life challenges such as loneliness or illness – inspiring many with her dedication towards finding joy and meaning while dealing with grief head on.

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