Alyssa Thomas Wife & How Did Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner Meet?

Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner, stars of the Connecticut Sun basketball team, recently made headlines not only because of their remarkable basketball abilities but also for announcing their engagement, marking both personal and professional milestones in both lives.

How Did Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner Meet?

Professionally, Alyssa Thomas first encountered DeWanna Bonner when Phoenix Mercury traded three first-round draft picks to Connecticut Sun for her services in 2020. However, their relationship first gained significant traction following appearance on Orange Carpet of 2021 All-Star Game held in Las Vegas where their kiss became public knowledge on Valentine’s Day 2021 – becoming known throughout society at large.

What Makes Their Partnership Stand Out?

Both Thomas and Bonner have seen remarkable professional achievements throughout their careers, such as Bonner being honored as five-time All-Star by Phoenix while Thomas’ reputation for resilient defensive play and rebounding made her worthy of four All-Star appearances and held onto her triple double record respectively.

Sun relies heavily on their relationship for support during challenging seasons with team changes and leadership responsibilities being shared between them both. Their mutual aid – as witnessed when Bonner supported Thomas with her Achilles injury in 2021 – not only strengthens bonds but also deepens on-court synergy.

What Challenges Have They Overcome?

Thomas experienced immense strain in 2021 after her Achilles injury; with Bonner’s assistance and their collective effort on court, however, they successfully navigated these trials together. Meanwhile, Bonner herself faced personal and professional trials after her separation with Candice Dupree; these experiences served to strengthen both resilience and understanding as partners.

What have they Contributed to the Connecticut Sun?

Bonner and Thomas joined, the Connecticut Sun has seen dramatic improvements under their guidance. Their collective efforts in scoring, rebounding and minutes played have proven essential as it pursues its inaugural championship title this season. Their presence elevates team performance while at the same time offering invaluable leadership experience across its roster.

How Can They Balancing Personal and Professional Life?

Balancing an intense WNBA schedule with personal relationships can be challenging. Thomas and Bonner have discovered what works for them: maintaining low profiles off-court to focus on family obligations such as their twin sons; this helps reinforce teamwork as evidenced by seamless communication strategy on-court.


Alyssa Thomas and DeWanna Bonner‘s relationship is marked by mutual respect, resilience, and dedication both on and off the court – characteristics which made their journey together one of the more gripping tales in today’s WNBA league.

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