Aj Styles Retirement, Aj Styles Announces His Official Retirement from His Arsenal

AJ Styles, also known as “The Phenomenal One,” is one of WWE’s most celebrated superstars, having reigned two WWE Championship reigns over his two decade career. However, recent losses to Cody Rhodes at Backlash for Undisputed Championship and Randy Orton in King of the Ring qualifier match has brought about critical decision points for him and last week on SmackDown Styles hinted at having an important conversation with Nick Aldis about his future; here are three options he should explore when confronted by career crossroads: 1.

Reunite with Omos

Reunite with Omos Although AJ Styles is best-known for his solo career, his tag team partnership with The Nigerian Giant Omos proved memorable and successful as they captured the WWE Universe by winning the Raw Tag Team Championship in 2020. Omos served both as bodyguard and partner, creating an authentic friendship between himself and Styles that endures.

Omos has struggled since their parting to find his niche in WWE. Despite facing high-profile opponents such as Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins, Omos still has not established himself as a top star. Being currently free agent AJ Styles could use his influence with Nick Aldis to persuade Omos back onto A-Town Down Under to renew their tag team run; which could reinvigorate both men’s careers further and propel them toward winning the WWE Tag Team Championship!

Potential Retirement

At 46 years old, AJ Styles has accomplished nearly every accolade possible in professional wrestling. While discussing his physical state while wrestling at WrestleMania XL, he expressed concerns about being able to continue competing at such an intense level. Speaking candidly about this in an interview with The Ringer ahead of WrestleMania XL AJ Styles candidly admitted his fear of embarrassing himself onstage and expressed uncertainty as to his future success in this industry.

“I’ve decided it’s time for me to retire. At some point, this must end,” he lamented.

Given these considerations, Styles may decide to have an honest conversation with Nick Aldis about his plans to retire. With Aldis’ assistance arranging a formal ceremony for Styles to announce his decision in front of fans following an incredible match against Cody Rhodes at Backlash, retirement could provide the appropriate ending to his remarkable career.

Feud with Santos Escobar

AJ Styles remains one of WWE’s most reliable performers. Now that his career is winding down, Styles could transition into an advisory role with rising talent – not only would this help build the future of WWE but it would allow Styles to continue contributing meaningfully.

Santos Escobar of Legado Del Fantasma stands out as an extremely promising SmackDown talent, yet remains relatively new to WWE’s main roster. A feud with AJ Styles would significantly enhance Escobar’s credibility and visibility; given Escobar’s alliance, numbers may force Styles back into The O.C faction due to AJ’s numbers game; this storyline would create compelling television while simultaneously solidifying Escobar as an outstanding competitor within WWE.


AJ Styles stands at an inflection point in his career, with multiple paths available to him. Reuniting with Omos for another tag team run, retiring after an illustrious career or feuding with Santos Escobar to elevate younger talent are all viable directions; each reflects different aspects of Styles’ legacy and potential future contributions to WWE. As fans await his decision, one thing is certain – The Phenomenal One will forever leave an indelible mark upon professional wrestling regardless of which path he takes.

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