Charts for Sale — Extra Information

Here is some miscellaneous additional information about the charts, which you should read carefully before ordering.

The price is $25 each for 1-4 charts and $20 each for 5-21, with the unit price decreasing for larger orders. Several different payment options are available.

For the price, you get either Finale files or PDF files — your choice.
For each chart, I have:
(1) A Finale file for the score, containing 4 staves: one for each horn, and one for piano/bass.
(2) A PDF file for each of the 5 parts.
(3) A Finale file for each of the 5 parts (more recent charts only).
If you have Finale, or another MakeMusic program, or Sibelius, then I strongly suggest that I send you Finale files, so then you can alter the charts (and the parts layouts) as you please. If you are planning to extract the parts from the score, and print them in your own preferred layout format, then you don’t need my Finale parts, which are in my own format. PDF files can be viewed and printed using the free Adobe Reader.

Bear in mind that a given version of Finale (or any other MakeMusic program) cannot open Finale files created by a more recent version of Finale. Most of my files are Finale 2007, 2010, or 2012. Please let me know which software and version you use. One solution to this problem is to transfer the files in MusicXML format. Here's a list of music software compatible with MusicXML.

Of all the MakeMusic products, only Finale and PrintMusic can extract parts from a score. This comparison table shows the attributes of the various different programs.

If you run on the Windows platform, you will have to add the required .musx extension to the file name. If you use Sibelius, then I will send the files in MusicXML format (but be forewarned that there may be glitches in this conversion process).

The files are easily transmitted as e-mail attachments.

Some of the Finale files date back as far as 1991, and were created with what is now a very old version of Finale. They will require some work on my part to get them looking good in current Finale, because Finale does not accurately convert files made in older versions. So there may be a delay for this reason.

File names:
A88 (or V88 for vocal charts) is the score for chart #88.
A88.1, A88.2, A88.3, A88.4, A88.5 are the parts for trumpet, alto, tenor, piano/bass, drums, respectively.

Piano and bass parts are usually on the same staff. Chords and bass notes are in layer 1. For some charts, piano notes are in layer 2. For these, when you print the bass part, hide layer 2, and put the entire part in the bass clef. For the piano part, show both layers 1 and 2, and if necessary delete any bass notes that obscure the piano notes (change to treble clef where necessary).

Each drum part is either a Finale file or a PDF file of a handwritten part.

The charts featuring a vocalist do not include melody and lyrics for the singer. If needed, I can provide them.

Please call or e-mail me concerning any problems you can’t solve or questions you can’t answer. Also, I’ll be glad send you a short sample chart which you can use to test your tools.

When ordering, please provide the following information:
(1) Your e-mail address.
(2) Which charts you are ordering.
(3) Preferred format (Finale scores or PDF parts).
(4) Which version of Finale you are running.
(5) The platform you are running (ie, Windows or Mac).

Henry Francis

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